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  1. Lil Nel


    I'm just going to say that I have the utmost respect, for those nurses, who reported showing up for inservice, but not attending. How do you do that? I want to do that!!!!!!!
  2. Lil Nel


    Ahh. You are always one step ahead of me!!!
  3. Lil Nel


    No, I didn't share my story. It was obvious from the set-up of the gathering that nobody really cares. So, I dutifully sat with my mouth shut and daydreamed for 90 minutes. I thought of it as quiet, Zen-like time.
  4. Lil Nel

    Sign On Bonuses

    Many hospitals in my area, central Kentucky, offer a sign-on bonus. They range from $2000 to $10,000. It can be because they can't fill night-shift positions, or maybe because the facility has high-turnover, or maybe the specialty isn't glamorous enough to attract new grads. I work at a rehabilitation facility. My sign-on bonus was $7500. It is paid out every three months. I suggest reading employee online reviews of facilities/companies. You can learn a lot. For instance, I read online employee reviews of my current employer, and they are spot on! Good luck.
  5. Lil Nel


    I have to attend an in-service later in morning, which is all about boasting Press-Ganey scores. The answer is simple: boast staffing. A 9 to 1 ratio means patient call lights will be ringing for a while. Especially when you have a patient with explosive diarrhea at the start of shift, as I did on Sunday. The tech and I spent 45 minutes cleaning up that mess. Call bells went unanswered during that time.
  6. Lil Nel

    Thoughts on vegetarian/ vegan diet

    My first question is why is the patient interested in a vegan or vegetarian diet? Do they have cardiovascular disease? If so, I would refer them to the DASH diet. Dr. Dean Ornish is preferred, but can be hard to follow, unless highly motivated. Are they trying to lose weight? Vegetarian or vegan, doesn't guarentee weight loss. Are they concerned about the killing of animals, or climate change? Before we can offer suggestions, we need to know what is drawing the patient to a particular diet. I have been vegetarian for over 25 years. It isn't religion for me. I am not religious. But it is a lifestyle I chose after watching my father die of CHF, at age 56. Before I could advise anyone else, I would need to know their motivation.
  7. Lil Nel

    Why do RN injuries keep happening?

    Sorry, but I need to call BS, on nursy. I am fairly fit, as I don't smoke, don't eat junk food or meat, and I am not overweight. But more and more patients are Morbidly obese these days, and no matter how fit you are, these obese folks are going to hurt you, if you don't have appropriate help or equipment. The fact is, most of this nation is obese.
  8. Lil Nel

    Are We Too PC?

    Glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't understand the inconsistent rants of the poster you quoted.
  9. Lil Nel

    Are We Too PC?

    Wow. You are making things up! I never wrote anything about you hating me! Yikes. Where did you get that idea. So glad the moderator sees fit to allow this drivel to remain on the thread.
  10. Lil Nel

    Are We Too PC?

    I never lectured you on being Jewish. Never. But being a religious minority, isn't the same as being a racial minority, which isn't the same as being a sexual minority. It is unfortunate that you, and some others can't seem to discern the difference. And hence, that is why I support PC efforts. Quite frankly, it is humerous to me, that you and several others have tried to portray me as a bigot. If you actually try reading my posts, I have argued in favor of PC behavior. I have stood up for my maligned minority coworkers. But, whatever helps you sleep at night.
  11. Lil Nel

    Are We Too PC?

    Oh, big, sigh. Right back at you. I find little in your rant that makes sense. But I do hope you feel better after the rant. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel better.
  12. Lil Nel

    Are We Too PC?

    LOL. I am not a troll, and that should be obvious to you by looking at my posting history. And to be clear, I never wrote that your post concerning your grandmother was bigoted. Please reread what I actually wrote. In fact, I even stated that I wasn't sure, it was YOUR post I was referencing.
  13. Lil Nel

    Are We Too PC?

    No where did the poster portray themselves as a victim. Your right-wing ideology is on full display with that comment.
  14. Lil Nel

    Are We Too PC?

    You are right. There is a difference. I suggest you reread the original post. The poster wrote: Get over.
  15. Lil Nel

    Are We Too PC?

    Get over the past? As a White person, it is easy for you to believe it is just that easy. But it isn't. Blacks, Native Americans, etc., are still living with the effects of slavery, forced migration, broken treaties, etc. Unfortunately, many of these people don't have the luxury of simply to getting the past and moving on. And I'll remind you, that Holocaust survivors, beg everyone not to forget the past. I heard an NPR story yesterday, about a man who photographs survivors, who are well into their 90s. They remember the events of Nazi Germany quite well. And they want everyone to remember. Your post is written entirely from the perspective of the majority, without an ounce of consideration for those unlike you.