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TexanNurse BSN

Oncology and Hematology
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TexanNurse has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Oncology and Hematology.

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  1. TexanNurse

    TWU MSN Spring 2022

    Have you gotten a response?
  2. TexanNurse

    TWU MSN Spring 2022

    Yea. Im still waiting to hear back from the Acute program. Im thinking about contacting them tomorrow. Having a FB group sounds good, if anyone knows how to set it up. Haha
  3. Hello y'all! Wanted to start a discussion thread for UTHealth's Nurse Practitioner Programs. I'll keep it broad so that we can get a general idea of when interviews and acceptance letters are being sent. That being said, What UTHealth MSN p...
  4. TexanNurse

    TWU MSN Spring 2022

    Hey y'all! I unsuccessfully tried to find a discussion thread for the Texas Woman's University Spring of 2022 application cycle for their MSN Program. Has anyone heard back from them or had an estimated date to hear back? I applied to both ...