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  1. Parkland NICU Residency beginning in September?

    New Parkland is scheduled to open August 20th.Time is needed for transitioning to new hospital and to figure out staffing needs.
  2. Parkland ER Residency July 2014

    Does anyone know which departments at Parkland usually offer nurse residencies that start in September or October?
  3. Odessey Hospice

    Can someone tell me around how much a RN case manger makes in the Dallas area with Odyssey? Is the position salary,hourly or based per visit? If it is hourly what happens if the census is low? I have an interview later this week and any information w...
  4. DFW GN/RN June 2011 Internships

    Has anyone heard any news from Parkland OR residency that is starting in June? I applied about 3 weeks ago but I see that the residency has been posted since February.
  5. Any Davita LVN's or RN's

    I've been a LVN for 2 years with all of my experience being in nursing homes. I recently had an interview with Davita the FA said the salary is based on experience. If I was selected I would be paid $15-$18 per hour. I'm just curious to know is tha...
  6. Parkland LVN float pool

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Parkland LVN float pool. I have an interview next week and wanted to get some information. I'd appreciate any kind of information. Thanks
  7. Children's Dallas

    stay positive and be patient. i've told you already you will get good news. hopefully. :hug:
  8. LVN to RN bridge programs (Dallas arera)

    You're welcome Ladyflower. I'm glad I could help you in your search. Thanks Commuter for helping.
  9. LVN to RN bridge programs (Dallas arera)

    Hi Ladyflower Welcome to allnurses. There are other bridges to name a few: Navarro College, El Centro, and Hiill College that's alll I can think of right now. Also try going to you can do a search to find more schools.
  10. If You Got Your Letter Post Here!!!

    Date: June 3, 2006 Program: LVN Location: Navarro College -Midlothian Start: Aug. 28th I'm very happy. I applied to the ADN program also haven't heard anything yet. Oh well. I can bridge over later. I'm very excited and anxious to see and learn all t...
  11. Who all is waiting??

    I have about 2 more weeks before I hear from Navarro College I applied to both the LVN and RN program. I am going crazy.
  12. Help - LPN schools in Dallas-Fort Worth area

    There is also Navarro College they have 4 campuses Waxahachie, Corsicana, Mexia, and Midlothian. The Corsicana campus is the main campus.
  13. LPN-BSN Programs?

    Hi Elaine, Try going to this website I have found it to be very helpful. All you have to do is input the type of information you're looking for and it pulls up schools in your state.
  14. I got the most astonishing call today...

    It's great that you were accepted. Hope all your dreams come true.
  15. I Got In!!!

    Congratulations!!!!! Yeah!!