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  1. Damsychick

    License Validation from Oman

    So, I talked with my board of nursing, explaining that the Ministry is not giving the said document, then they waived the License validation. Although, they have to get the Employment Verification. To obtain this, you have to talk to your previous supervisor to fill out the clinical hours and ask her or someone, to help you acquire Ministries' signature and stamp. That's how it worked with my board. Talk with your board, they will help. Good luck!
  2. Damsychick

    Foreign RN, kindly needing help.

    HI! I stopped processing with SC BON and transferred my application to Georgia BON. Sadly their toefl score requirement, specifically the Speaking category is too high, close to a perfect score which is hard to attain by a foreign test taker. I passed the over all twice but got short with Speaking. I also got some pending validations from Cgfns so right now I'm just waiting for my approval to take the exam.
  3. Damsychick

    New ER nurse Musc

    Hi! Thanks for adding me. From which country you came from? I'm new foreigner in Charleston too and still working on my nursing license, sadly. MUSC is a good hospital in this state, i guess they'll orient you with everything you need. i'd love to get in contact with you, message me personally if you want, 2055698258. Goodluck with the new job!
  4. Damsychick

    License Verification Waiver - CGFNS - CES

    Hi. I applied for RN. I just talked to an old colleague who used to work in Oman too. She advised me to talk to CGFNS and ask to waive my license validation for Oman and just send a proof that I worked there as a nurse. Hope this works for me too.
  5. Damsychick

    License Validation from Oman

    Hi. I'm applying for South Carolina as we live here. Just chatted with a colleague who used to work in Oman and she said we need to contact CGFNS to waive the Oman license validation and just send them a proof that we worked there as a nurse. I'm working on it and hopefully to settle this soon.
  6. Damsychick

    License Verification Waiver - CGFNS - CES

    Hi. I'm so glad i've seen this post! Were you able to get a license validation from Oman? I worked as a registered nurse in Oman for 4 years. I'm just new in US and been working on these license requirements for several months now. I'm in such a limbo. Ministry of health in Oman has no idea how to complete the license verification form and I couldn't contact CGFNS too. Any tips, suggestions or advises will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Damsychick

    License Validation from Oman

    Hi fellow nurses. I'm an RN who worked in Oman for 4 years. I migrated here in US 2 years ago as i got married. I started working on my licensure requirements early this year but the license validation from Oman is making it all pending. I talked to Ministry of Health Oman and they have no idea how to fill out the form and what paper to send the CGFNS office. I'm clueless either of how to fill it out. I messaged CGFNS office but i haven't got any replies yet. Any fellow nurses who worked in Oman and got any idea about this matter. I'm really on a limbo and would deeply appreciate someone's help. Thank you.
  8. Damsychick

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    Hi, I'm processing my CES for South Carolina board of nursing. I'm an RN from the Philippines and worked as an RN in Oman (middle east) too before I came to US 2015. I finished everything except for my license validation from Oman. I talked to Oman Ministry of Health (same like our PRC) but they are confused on what to put on the form. Now they are asking me to fill it out and said they will just sign and seal it afterwards. Sounds good and weird, but it's ok, i just want the form to be filled correctly according to the usual License Validation form CGFNS approve. Any idea about this matter? Thank you in advance.
  9. Damsychick

    Filipino nurses in South Carolina

    Hi good day! Any Filipino nurses in South Carolina area that is kind enough to give me advices or tips regarding with taking Nclex and having SC-RN license? I already read the SC BON requirements but I still have some queries. It would be nice to talk to some fellow Filipino nurses out there who underwent the same process as I just migrated here in the US last year. Hoping to hear from you. Thanks.
  10. Damsychick

    Foreign RN, kindly needing help.

    I guess I need to reread and review the site link you gave. Hard to go back to basic processes after a long time. Thank you. :)
  11. Good day colleagues! I am a Filipino B.S.Nurse who just arrived in America last year because I got married here. Recently got my permanent residency card and all legal documents to work. I've been working as a Quarantine and ER Nurse for 9 years in Philippines and the middle east. I am living now in Charleston SC and very eager to get back in my career track. Been checking all the requirements for taking the NCLEX yet I'm kind of lost with all of the eligibility requirements. Is there anyone who will kindly guide me or advice me of the processes or steps I needed to do. These are also two leading questions I have in mind: -Do I need to take tofel/ielts even if I'm already a permanent resident in US? -Do I need to complete some courses to meet the boards eligibility requirements before taking the NCLEX? Hoping for your replies. Thank you.