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  1. kaha2321

    Words of Guidance to New Nurse

    Is it better to say "I was taught ______ way in school. In you experience is this applicable/a better way" etc? I am about to graduate and am doing my final rotation on an ortho med surg unit and when things aren't done the way they teach at school I just keep my mouth shut because 1) we are busy and I don't want to slow us down 2) I don't want to come off rude. I do want to learn best practice though. Thanks
  2. kaha2321

    Nursing Home Resident Taunted by CNAs

    When I was in high school we had a "Career Resource Center" where students could train to be CNAs in classroom and at a nearby nursing home in the afternoon after core classes. I was initially in it but had to leave because I was old enough to drive to the site. One of the girls was in my stats class in the morning and commonly shared information, names and even photos of patients she dealt with, another student and I reported it and the school dealt with it but it was barely a slap not the wrist. This is a major problem with assistive care personnel and as much as I hate the phrase, an example needs to be made of these women. I will say I've noticed that ACP are much better behaved in the hospital setting. I think there should be more recognition for exemplary care from the ACPs so they have something to strive for. Great article, thanks for sharing.
  3. kaha2321

    Navy Nurse Candidate Program

    Just an update: I was selected for the program in November of '17! I was sworn in January '18 and will commission May '18!
  4. kaha2321

    Navy Corpsmen Caught

    Corpsmen are Navy paramedics, to simplify it. They are also enlisted personell only, while Nurses are Officers, so these women are not nurses. The person who raised the red flag thought they were nurses because was not aware of what a corpsman did, according to one article I read. As a midshipmen (officer in training) nursing student who resides in Jacksonville, and learned about it in clinical, all of the actual RNs around here are horrified! Please don't let this terrible behavior reflect badly on your views of Navy Nursing or Jacksonville!

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