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  1. It was shortly after labor day when I walked into the emergency room to see a client who had been found unresponsive and rushed to the hospital. I walked to the front desk, identified myself, and requested to see him. The woman behind the desk smiled...
  2. Ready to be a manager?

    The best advise I can give you is the same thing I tell all the managers I train: Watch. For a month or more, just watch. Learn people. See how they do things. This will help you tremendously when you start really being a manager. You'll know how to ...
  3. Should I quit my patient?

    I work in home care as a nursing supervisor. Let your nursing supervisor know that the child is too heavy and requires equipment
  4. 2 week notice and manager is upset.

    You have done the best you can. I've never heard of an employer arguing over one day, how petty! It's their loss. By the way, LPNs are nurses.