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  1. PJishere

    Can I take the Nclex in Florida?

    So while we towards the end of the our RN program, us student applied for the CA BRN nclex. I decided that I should study and take the nclex in CA since it would be nice to have a license in my home state. As soon as I passed the nclex and got my ca license number, I immediately started my application for my florida endorsement. Go on the FL BRN and read whats required from Kansas in order for your license to get endorsed over. Suprisingly, I was able to get my Florida license within 2 weeks. That's unusual because CA BRN takes FOREVER with everything. I thought itd take them a months to get to my license verification request, which is when your home state confirms to your endorsing state that you do pass all backgrounds checks, etc. and do indeed have a license! Also, I ended up not applying for the multi-state license in Florida because I was advised not to do that since I didnt have an actual home address in Florida at the time. If I did apply for the multistate it would have delayed my FL license. Hope that helps. I'm here in Florida now and just starting to look for jobs! I have been too relaxed ugh lol
  2. PJishere

    Can I take the Nclex in Florida?

    Hi there I am currently going to a nursing program in California and will be graduating in May 2018. I am moving to Florida in the summer of 2018. Does anybody know anything about eNLC, compact and non- compact states? I have a vague understanding that Florida is a compact state, where you can apply for a multistate license that can be used within other compact states. In contrast, California is not a compact state. So where should I take the Nclex Exam? Should I wait till I move and claim Florida as my residence? And if I do, will I still have to apply for a multi-state license in Florida?.... I could take NCLEX in California and get a single state license... but why do that if I don't plan on working here right? And even then, I'd still have to get a license in Florida wouldnt I?