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  1. pcosby

    Best review for CCRN?

    I would like to know this as well. I have attended the one day CRAM session of Vonfrolio, and have her book. I like the IDEA of having the audio content because I run and like to fill those times with something educational. However, I don't want to pay $150 for it. (I'm sure it's worth it.... is there not ANY PLACE where we can find this to rent/used/cheaper?)
  2. Seems like a dark hole -- that nursing school!! I can relate. Congrats on passing NCLEX. Having your own tech sounds like a dream! Keep working hard, and strive for that BSN. Most facilities will pay for that, and it should not take you very long. Love those letters behind your name! Congratulations on your hard work again.
  3. pcosby

    New to AllNurses and still a new nurse

    Sounds like you are a very hard worker! I am a year-old nurse, and an older one (52). I find that telemetry challenges me, and I'm not sure how to rectify this! Do you have any tips to help me with rhythms and overall telemetry stuff? Websites? Apps? Thanks.
  4. pcosby

    Hellooooo nurses!

    Sounds like an adventure! I am technically a "new" nurse, graduated last May, working in southern AL. I have some older kids who moved cross-country. If you already signed a lease, so be it.... but if you have not, try finding an Airbnb close to facility so you can learn the area and not be locked into a lease yet. Obviously, only take what you need, look at the local thrift stores when you get there or find something that is semi-furnished. Learn to live lean. Seattle sounds fantastic. You will love it! Good luck. Work hard.
  5. pcosby

    Best laptop for Nursing School?

    Bought a used Mac for my last two years of nursing school. I had some hurdles due to it being a Mac, but totally worth it. And I paid LESS because I got it used. Still using same computer now.
  6. Hello! I am a new nurse in AL, graduated last May and licensed in June. I have just finished up a year at my facility and would like to start working toward my first certification (critical care nurse). I currently work on a critical care unit. I'm wondering if any of you all with this certification used anything to help you study as you went through the two years before sitting for certification and what that study help was... I saw several on the website, but want to make sure I get what I need the first time. Thanks!