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  1. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    New grad job offers....what do I choose?

    Hey everyone, Im set to graduate May 2019 and have already received numerous job offers! I’ve narrowed it down to my top two but have to make a decision by Monday! All advice is welcome! I currently work Hospice as a CNAI with some amazing Nurses who have offered advice but I still can’t decide! They advise new graduates to start off in med-surg! But they did hire two new grads on board last year! They’ve done well (from the mouths of nurses) I was offered one med surg position in an amazingly hospital! Negatives of this floor... the longest nurse has been there 2 years! A new grad from last year is already precepting! It’s apart of our states hospital system with great pay but I’m afraid of the lack of support I’ll receive! They are also short staffed but the Nursing manager said he’s working to fill those spots with experienced nurses! My second offer is on a post partum unit! It’s a local hospital close to a part of my family! Everyone in my class who had clincals there loved the floor, the environment and the staff! And I personally love mother/baby! This was my first choice and first love! It aligns with my future goals! Im undecided. All advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you all for taking the tine to read!
  2. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    RN New Grad Salary at Duke or UNC

    Check UNC’s new grad RN site. They list all their information and even te pay for new grads entering.
  3. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    WakeMED Fellowship

    I applied for the Summer 2019 Cohort. I have not heard anything back, my applications say either “under consideration” or “routed to the hiring manager.” From the website it just says to be a new graduate no experience necessary and the prefer BSN but other degrees are acceptable with the condition that you’ll get your BSN. Have you applied?
  4. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    Vidant New Nurse Residency 2019

    Hey everyone. I interviewed with Vidant and accepted a position for there Summer 2019 cohort. Can yall tell me how you’re like Vidant? The new grad program? And how is living in Greenville?
  5. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    Ranking Points for Nursing Program Exceptance

    Hey! I was accepted last month into the program! They said the average rankings were between 175-189 this round! But those are just averages! I hope you got accepted and hope to see you in the fall!!
  6. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    Nursing School! Am I doomed?

    I would first contact each of those schools and see the steps needed in order to make application to their BSN programs! NCCU has a bridge stage every fall! You take certain nursing courses and in one of those courses you take the teas. They won't accept a teas taken anywhere else but in that course! During the bridge stage you make application for the actuarial nursing program. From memory they take into consideration your overral g.p.a, bridge g.p.a, Bridge professor recommendations, and teas scores! Basically every school is differnt And you should contact each one! Also your age does not matter! Continue to follow your dream and go after it however you may need to!
  7. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    Wssu absn 2017

    Emails were sent out!!
  8. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    Wssu absn 2017

    Omgoodness I'm to nervous! Good luck everyone!
  9. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    Wssu absn 2017

    One more day everyone! I'm praying that we all receive good news! Was anyone else like me and put all their eggs in this basket?!
  10. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    NC A&T ABSN 2017

    80% is required to pass what?
  11. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    NC A&T ABSN 2017

    Wow your stats sound amazing! It sounds like you're going to be accepted! I'm assuming you submitted your application early?!
  12. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    NC A&T ABSN 2017

    Hey I'm pleased to see another ABSN applicant! I've seen you in previous threads did you apply to the WSSU program as well?! Anyways our g.p.a is similar I have a 3.2 and only scored a 82 on my teas! I asked the proctor that day if I should rethink retaking it and she said the decision was up to me but that the school looked at other things on our application as well! Have you you completed all the preuiqustes and the NURS Course at A&T?
  13. SoontobeNewGrad2019

    NC A&T - Accelerated BSN Program

    Hey! Did you apply to the program? Were you accepted? I see see this thread doesn't have much commenters and more information on the program, their admission acceptance rates (statistics like average g.p.a and Teas score) would be helpful)! Thank you!