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Clarysage has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU, Neuro ICU, LTACH.

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  1. good reading material for new Neuroscience RN

    Thank you!
  2. New Grad in Neuro ICU

    Rosie_one, thank your for that answer. I am not a new nurse, but I am new to neuro. I am starting a position in neuroscience ccu in just under 2 months. I am much more familiar with cardio, and am reading all I can about neuro before I start. Just fr...
  3. I just accepted a position in a Neuroscience CCU, and start in just under 2 months. In that time I would like to brush up on my med knowledge, procedures since many are done bedside, tPA, etc. Are there any books that you found helpful in your experi...
  4. so... i assisted in a code today... BUT

    Hi. I haven't read all the responses yet, so this may have been stated already. On my unit we assign a code team at the beginning of the shift, and announce it during our morning shift huddle. We run our own codes and RRT's. Only an anesthesiologist ...
  5. Just stop with the rolling veins.

    hherrn, I am good but not great at IV sticks and blood draws. Since I work LTAC, our patients have been getting stuck daily, some several times per day, for months at a time. Many of them are elderly and/or obese, and A/V fistula in one arm, so we ca...
  6. I hope for your sake that you made the right call, and only you will know if you did. If you didn't, it's not too late. While you may have missed a residency program, you may still be able to find an employer who has a nurse internship. It's a little...
  7. Being called an idiot

    I am sorry that happened to you. Pretty much any nurse with experience has been there before. I know I have. What I have realized is that, while unfair, it's not always as it seems. (I have a reputation for being the calm, fair one-sorry ;-) I don't ...
  8. I am curious. Twenty two to 44 residents in a med pass? Are you confusing LTAC with LTC? (Or did the original poster possible mean LTC?) I work LTAC, which is long term acute care, and very different from long term care. I don't believe there is an L...
  9. New Grad Select Specialty Hospital

    I have experience with Select. It was my first RN job out of school, 5+ yrs ago. I went through an orientation period with a preceptor, I am sure that is what they are referring to. You will not be practicing alone. LTAC is hard work! In my location...