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  1. Anyone taking a summer class?

    What is your work schedule for those days? You have to manage your time better. At the job I used to work at before I quit about a day ago, I used to have nights and had to close the store (4pm-9pm) So I would study in the mornings. But then I took o...
  2. I have 2 red light violation tickets because I "failed to stop at a red light". When in truth, both of those tickets were from a 'right turn on red' and It never occurred to me that you had to stop completely before turning at a red light even when t...
  3. Trust me I tried. I Waited there for 3 1/2 for them to only tell me that they don't expunge juvenile records there and I head to go to some place that they reccomended me to, who in turn said I need to obtain my arrest records to get them expunged wh...
  4. I'm trying to expunge it before I have to go through it with the school. :/
  5. I went to my police department and they don't give them out and then I went to the head Chicago police department and since I don't live in that county anymore they won't give it out. So I'm legit wondering where everyone else go to get their backgro...
  6. Grades are in... What did you ge???

    4.0 for both semesters. Though I have one more year of prerequisites since my school requires 19 prereqs and 60 credit hours. So we will see how that's going to be...
  7. Nursing School on 2nd year probation?

    Yes, why was it wrong to do that??
  8. 94 or higher is an A?

    I guess I was so shocked by this because a 90 was always an A for me in school. And in some cases an 86 or higher was an A for when I was taking my hardest science classes. So I truly never actually thought that a 94 could be consider an A.
  9. Nursing School on 2nd year probation?

    So I just talked to the program's director of nursing (I emailed her) and she said that they made changes this year and they don't plan on losing their accreditation. She also said they are working on getting off of probation this year and the next.
  10. Nursing School on 2nd year probation?

    Lol I have no clue.
  11. which school has a good nursing program!!

    Sorry I was talking about PVAMU not TMU. And I only know the school because of their vet program but I can only assume they have a stellar nursing program since their admissions are so competitive.
  12. Nursing School on 2nd year probation?

    This is all true. But the reality of the situation is UIC is really I'm the top 10 for nursing programs. I was shocked myself when I found out their NCLEX pass rates but it doesn't seem to stop that ambitious pre-nursing student from applying. Also...
  13. 94 or higher is an A?

    Actually I just rechecked the pass rates to make sure and that was the year before that passing rate when 111 students passed. In 2015, 147 students were admitted and only 107 passed. Which is really bad.
  14. 94 or higher is an A?

    Wow only 9???
  15. which school has a good nursing program!!

    My friend goes to PVAMU and it is known for being one of the top HBCU colleges. But I heard the nursing program there is terrible and I hear a lot of people don't recommend it. I have no clue about the other universities so good luck finding a school...