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  1. travel_business

    RCC Nursing Fall 2020

    Any of you guys applied to the LVN to RN program? I just got an email that I can finally sign up for NURS 18. Who else got an email about the transition class?
  2. Hi everyone, Would love to hear from those who went to Mt. Sac and Riverside City College RN program. I'm trying to decide on which school to go to. I got accepted to both schools and would like more insights. What do you like/hate about the program? Thanks
  3. travel_business

    Citrus college adn fall 2018

    Hi, I was wondering what's your stats? I got my LVN certificate from Citrus but my TEAS score are only 65.5 😞
  4. travel_business

    Mt Sac ADN program Spring 2020

    Anyone here know if the same process applies to LVN to RN bridge program applicants? Any LVNs in here? 😄
  5. travel_business

    Pasadena City College RN Program Spring 2020

    I applied at PCC and Rio Hondo. The wait is a torture. I have good grades but my TEAS score is 65.5. I have 7 years experience as an LVN. Meanwhile, looking for other schools
  6. travel_business


    Did you end up going back to school? 🙂
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Angel from Southern California. I'm hoping to get in contact with fellow LVNs getting ready to apply for RN bridge programs. I just took the TEAS exam and I'm pretty nervous about applying next month. I will be trying Rio Hondo, PCC, Mt. Sac, and Chaffey College. If accepted, I will be starting the program next year, 2020. I earned my LVN certificate at Citrus College, unfortunately my school does not accept applications until January of 2020. Any tips will be appreciated. Would love to hear from ADNs that started as LVNs. Thanks, Angel

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