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  1. @RNrdj21 I should clarify that both are great options, it really just comes down to what works for you! Feel free to message me if you have any other questions.
  2. @RNrdj21 So...I actually started at UNCG and went there for one semester, and then decided to switch to UC online. Pros UNCG: -they find your preceptors Cons UNCG: -the program is AGPCNP (you can only work with ages 13+ and t...
  3. COVID vaccine given way too low in the arm

    My thoughts exactly...
  4. COVID vaccine given way too low in the arm

    I wish that method had been used. I uploaded a picture to show where the injection site was -- I double checked under the bandaid as well to make sure the injection site was actually there.
  5. My husband was able to get his COVID vaccine today, and he got home and his injection site was so low. It looks like it hit around the brachialis muscle. I'm really hoping it actually went into the muscle. I am so frustrated that they are not trainin...
  6. Nurse Practitioner Residencies

    I see that most of the discussion here is about ACNP residencies. Does anyone have experience with FNP residencies/fellowships? I am interested in applying, but am curious about how competitive these programs are, and what they're like?
  7. Hope you're feeling better today! That sounds like quite the ordeal - I'm so sorry you experienced that reaction ?
  8. Questioning My Future While in NP School

    I started NP school in the fall of 2020, but shortly after I began my program I started to doubt my career pursuits. I am so worried about 1) not finding a job in a saturated market, 2) being overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility, and 3) fear...
  9. FNP Simmons vs Cincinnati

    Just a heads up regarding Simmons, I saw this blog today and she talks about Simmons having only found two of her clinical sites for her. Just might be something to think about before making your decision.
  10. Next Career Steps...undecided

    I came from med-surg, and recently started in same day surgery. It is a GREAT job! It can get hectic at times, but we ALWAYS get a break, and we even have some down time here and there. However, from a learning perspective, if you're looking for high...
  11. What are the for profit NP schools?

    UNCG finds your clinical preceptors. It is an adult/gero primary care program though, so once completed one can only work with ages 13+. It is the only program I know of within driving distance of me that finds your clinical preceptors.
  12. I am wondering what kind of jobs are out there for adult gerontology primary care NPs? I know there are many family practices out there that prefer FNPs so they can treat all ages. Are there family practices that will hire an adult gero NP and just h...
  13. FNP Simmons vs Cincinnati

    With Simmons having about double the tuition rate per credit hour as the University of Cincinnati, I would say UC is the better option between the two. I do not know much about Simmons, but I did look up the tuition prior to responding to your post. ...
  14. Barcode120x thank you for your response! I will definitely make sure that my clinical sites will be found for me prior to choosing the hybrid program. And if I choose UC, I will also start asking around my network to see if I can find preceptors. Unf...
  15. I was recently accepted into two different nurse practitioner programs. One is a fully online FNP masters program through the University of Cincinnati, and the other is a hybrid DNP AGPCNP program at UNC Greensboro. UNCG finds your clinical sites for...

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