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  1. I was in orientation for 10 weeks in psychiatric/med-surg as a new grad. Personally, I felt that it was enough for me, but management was very open with me and said that if I wanted more time, all I had to do was ask. I was grateful for that, because...
  2. Demand for entry level psych NP versus psych nurses

    The demand has been super high at our institution for more psychiatric nurses, but that appears to be due to the high turnover rate.
  3. Changing Specialties

    Hello all, I have been a psychiatric/med-surg nurse for my entire nursing career, which has been a whopping 1.5 years. Basically, I worked with court ordered patients for both evaluation and treatment of their mental health that also had serious medi...
  4. Essential Oils

    The biggest problem I've seen is people ingesting the essential oils. You should never do that...they are NOT edible. Therapeutic grade, what does that even mean?
  5. Scottsdale community college CEP

    Like I said, if you already work at a hospital and have "an in" it makes more sense this way (ADN).
  6. Scottsdale community college CEP

    My understanding is that the CEP program IS a bit more competitive. 3.0 GPA is required for them to even look at your application. NAU is the best route if you do CEP as they require the least amount of pre-requisites. But, you will have classes d...
  7. TPN Bag Wrong in Practicum

    Thank you very much as well. At least I only did this in my practicum and not in reality. I'm glad I asked about this here!
  8. TPN Bag Wrong in Practicum

    Thank you so much for this response. In the scenario, I was taking over for another nurse. I will definitely take this knowledge with me. Very much appreciated!
  9. Sure you can. You have the background (I don't know how people that have never worked in medical school pass these classes, I swear it), and you have the drive. You'll have days just like everyone else where you feel like throwing things and scream...
  10. TPN Bag Wrong in Practicum

    Hi all! Long time reader, first time sign up and post myself. Today I did my Block III practicum. I'm hoping someone can help me out here. The TPN bag on my acute biliary pancreatitis Sim-man did not match the order written by the physician. The p...