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Carol Bush specializes in Oncology, Telehealth & Entrepreneurship.

Carol is Content Strategist, Writing Coach and Owner of The Social Nurse. She is founder of The Healthcare Writers Network. She has over 30 years experience as an Oncology Nurse & Clinical Consultant and is a graduate of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency. Carol followed a circuitous route to a career in oncology. Her first undergraduate degree is in Ag Journalism. A nursing degree followed 10 years later, after three children and an unknown number of pizza suppers. She lives on four peaceful acres, with her sweetheart, Don. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and stalking her adult children via social media.

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  1. Tools for the Freelance Writer

    A great article with some really awesome resources! Triple love the shout out to the Healthcare Writers Network facebook community! :) My favorite part is the diversity of the experience level, in clinical specialty, in writing niche! ...
  2. Nurse Innovators - Meet Deanna Gillingham RN, CCM

    There are sooooo many great stories of Entrepreneurship, Intra-Praneurship, Innovation...Nurse Makers! I am excited you wrote this story and REALLY looking forward to following more great features! #LoveMyTribe #FreelanceLife #Innovation
  3. Becoming a Healthcare Writer - My pursuit of a role beyond the bedside

    Great article Ashley! You are so correct...passion and persistence is key! I am amazed at the number and quality of writing opportunities out there for healthcare writers of ALL disciplines! After all, we are the subject matter experts when it com...
  4. Lymphoma/Hodgkin tx:Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Two great resources: NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines - both versions for patients/families & professionals - will give you access to a ton of info & the pathways which are considered standard of care. Lymphomas are complex! National Canc...
  5. Thanks! I love the challenge of home care & hospice! One of my favorite nursing prn roles was working as a Hospice Triage Nurse every other weekend. (putting the kiddos through college!) I learned a lot from families AND a lot about Nurse Macg...
  6. To begin this story, you are a home-care nurse, and a good one at that! You receive your initial intake referral form. The internist has asked you to go admit a 76 year old woman on 4 liters of oxygen, with shortness of breath and low oxygen saturati...
  7. Oncology patient/nurse ratio

    Here's a great presentation overview which talk about an acuity tool used in an ambulatory infusion center. Possibly it will help.
  8. Will ONS provider card help

    Also, ONS has a nice group of education resources The Nurse Orientation Bundle. I definitely wish they had bundled these resources conveniently 'back in the day' when I began my career as an oncology nurse. And, my taking the initiative to set your...
  9. How to become an Onc Nurse?

    First, I highly recommend you take a look at the resources offered through the Oncology Nursing Society. They have some great basics online courses...and of course, their certification is the gold standard. It is a global organization. Many oncolog...
  10. Getting to Know You - Getting to Know All About You!

    I think its important to talk about the emotional side of retirement! I am 55 and soaking up all I can learn from those who are several steps ahead. I think the best is yet to come...but I definitely want to be prepared!
  11. Breaking Bad News: What's A Nurse to Do?

    So glad you found the videos helpful, Nancy!
  12. Breaking Bad News: What's A Nurse to Do?

    Thanks for your kind words! I look forward to reading your blog! Have a great day!
  13. Nurses: It's Time For Your Money Checkup!

    Repeat after me: "Money is a tool." As part of our toolkit, it's something we can gain competency in managing, just like other tools we use in our nursing practice! First, a couple of disclaimers: 1. I am not a financial adviser, nor a financial exp...
  14. Breaking Bad News: What's A Nurse to Do?

    Delivering bad news is difficult-so difficult that it takes finely tuned skills, coaching, and practice to do it candidly and respectfully. As an oncology nurse who has delivered plenty of disheartening news to families over 20+ years, I am constantl...
  15. Oncology nurse but my heart is not in it.

    I agree with your advice, @NurseBeth. The time commitment for chemo/bio certification is significant and there will only be ROI in the oncology space. What about taking that time you might have spent studying for chemo/bio and beefing up existing s...