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  1. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    Hello! If anyone would like to join we’ve created a facebook group to kind of keep in touch and help each other out you’re more than welcome to join ? https://www.facebook.com/groups/riohondolvn2022/
  2. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    FB group I went ahead and created this group ?
  3. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    Would anyone be interested in a FB group?
  4. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    Oh wow! Any advice how?
  5. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    I'm excited as well, looking ahead I'm trying to plan the requirements in advance. I'll need to find a place close by for the CPR certification. Thank goodness the fire card can be done online
  6. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    I ended up getting the email as well. Let's see what they have to say tomorrow ?
  7. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    I have not. I'm not anticipating getting it until late, if not tomorrow. They don't have the best record when it comes to doing things on time.
  8. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    I’m so sorry zebra. I know the feeling. Please don’t give up. This is just the luck of the draw with this program. Yes absolutely. I’ll keep you informed.
  9. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    Thank you so so much. I appreciate that so so much. I know that great things are going to happen for you.
  10. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    I received my acceptance email as well. Congratulations to everyone accepted and to those who weren’t do not give up this is literally my 6th application. You will make it.
  11. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    Last year they sent out rejections, and then a short time later sent an email telling us to disregard the rejection email. And then sent out rejections again. It was very confusing, and we got our hopes up and then we were disappointed twice. It was ...
  12. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    Let’s hope that this year is smoother than last year. Last year was a fiasco ?
  13. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    But I will say that if you're looking into private schools you May want to check into Platt college in Alhambra it's reasonable and not too far away
  14. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    I'm planning on waiting it out and applying to the El Monte adult school whenever they decide to open up their applications. I already have a job that I quite enjoy so I have some time to wait it out a little while. Their program is only about $4,500...
  15. Rio Hondo LVN 2022

    I thought I recognized your SN as well! After the fiasco last year let’s hope they’re more professional this year and we get in. I’m at a disadvantage this year. I’ll be mailing my application tomorrow ? I’ve been so so busy I kept putting it off.