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    Texas Tech El Paso Fall 2016

    Helo everyone! congrats on getting accepted to TTHSC GGHSON ! I am going to start taking courses this summer (my prerequisites) I already have a BS and I am hoping to start applying by the end of fall 2016. I have been trying to do some research on the nursing schools in the area in regards to the pros/cons of the programs (BSN) and I have not been able to find a lot of Information. I was hoping to get people's opinions on TTHSC GGHSON vs UTEP and even NMSU if someone has something to say based on what you have seen or heard from 'insiders' I have been comparing the courses and the tests you need (Hesi vs TEAS) in order to be able to apply but I have not found anything in regards to the pros and cons from each program. Thanks in Advance and best of luck next semester!



    Nmsu vs utep vs texas tech nursing

    I am Trying to decide where to go for 2nd degree(BSN) in Nursing. NMSU is my Alma Mater for my first degree(BS) so I am probably biased but UTEP AND TTHSC are much closer to me. I am not sure but I am almost certain that I need more prerequisites if I decide to go to UTEP. I really don't mind going back to NMSU if the program is better for me and has good hands on experience and instructors. Any nurses and/or nursing students who can share their experiences.....? I still need to take my anatomy and physiology I and II BUT I would like to take them where I am planning on going to nursing school if I am accepted of course. Thanks in advance!