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  1. MCURN

    syphilis bloodwork on newborns

    We are having a debate at work about the best way to draw vdrl bloodwork from an infant to a syphilis positive mom. Some doctors are saying it needs to be a central draw so the NICU nurses need to come and draw it from a vein. Others are saying it can be capillary so we can draw it from a foot. We are finding conflicting information on which is best. So I was wondering what other facilities are doing and what the reason was.
  2. The concept of a "nurse is a nurse is a nurse" that gets tossed around management is ridiculous. In areas that are highly specialized it is dangerous to move nurses into other units and is unsafe to all patients. I have been a postpartum nurse for 5 years and would not have a hot clue to what to do with an acutely ill adult pt. Give me a mom that is PPHing any day but just not a colostomy lol. Just as when a medicine nurse gets pulled they have no idea about baby care and education we provide. It is completely reasonable to refuse a pt load that you feel is out of your scope and is unsafe. .
  3. I was wondering if anyone had any idea on how to get references for applying to a M.N program. I have been nursing for 5 years in canada and am hoping to apply for a masters program. The only problem, getting references. I have been out of school for almost 5 years and while I was in school I had no intention on going back for my masters. Therefore I have lost touch with all my old teachers and most programs need 2-4 references from teachers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. MCURN

    New Process Admitting Couplets... HELP!!!

    I work in a high risk postpartum unit that does approximately 6000 deliveries a year. We take care of 4 couplets and the nurse assigned to a couplet is responsible for both mom and babe. The major babe assessment (weight, measurements, reflexes etc) and first feeding (usually) are done in recovery on L&D. but then we are responsible afterwards for vitals, a head to toe assessment (slightly less then the initial), and sugars if needed. I will usually delay the bath, especially if its a prime they are exhausted and need sleep. But thats not all the nurses on my unit. Overall I find the admission the easy part lol its the teaching afterwards and help with breast feeding that take up all of my time.
  5. MCURN

    Nitrous Oxide

    we use nitrous oxide at my hospital. It can be a god send. It is fast acting and the risk for crossing the placenta is basically minimal. we use it especially with patients who dont want morphine/fentanyl or an epidural r/t risks either to babe or mom. However you have to make sure that the unit has a good ventilation system as some of the gas can escape the mask or be exhaled by the patient. there is research that states that NO2 can have cause birth affects in the first trimester and since the majority of nurses in this field are female it needs to be taken seriously.
  6. MCURN

    L&D Nursing with HSV1

    In my hospital it wouldnt prevent you from getting a job. However during orientation they stress that you should call in sick if you have a cold sore. HSV can have very serious outcomes if a neonate was to catch it. However I do see nurses just mask if they do have one and practice good hand washing and they have not gotten in trouble.

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