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  1. April1abbott

    Most Embarassing Nursing Moments

  2. April1abbott

    Most Embarassing Nursing Moments

    Great one! I myself walked around the cvicu for 2 hours with a 4 foot strip of tp hanging out the back of my scrub pants. Nobody told me! Ugh
  3. April1abbott

    What offends you (nursing related)?

    Administration. Heels clicking down the hall way.Ugh
  4. April1abbott

    RN Suspended

    Stories like this make me hate nursing! All you need is more time in training. But no they don't invest in staff. Just constant ********. Ask for a meeting and get more time to train. That is your license in jeopardy. You have some rights.
  5. April1abbott

    Things you wish you knew?

    I wish I knew what I was getting into. I wish they would clue nursing students into the real world. Good luck.
  6. April1abbott

    I need advice pls

    You're still being supervised? You need more instruction and guidance. Not scolding. Wow. I'm sorry you were made to feel like that. Is your preceptor not helpful? Ask for more guidance. No one does things perfectly in the beginning which is . Why we have preceptor!
  7. April1abbott

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    It truly is a ##$! Show. From all angles. Like a spray tan of $#@! ME TOO! CONGRATULATIONS!
  8. April1abbott

    Why Do Nurses Eat Their Own?

    Yes! Point and validity of topic by these snotty caddy comments. Author has proved a point. Nice work!
  9. April1abbott

    Why Do Nurses Eat Their Own?

    Well guess what...many of you are not going to like this. First off, any human being who cuts down another is simply dealing with their own insecurities. And now. ...to stir the @#$ pot. The male/female ratio is quite a bit off quilter. I worked in a 30 bed icu, half males half females. Minimal drama. A fact.
  10. April1abbott

    What tips would you give a new RN

    I have a few that have remained solid in my practice over the years. 1. Listen. The patient knows when something is wrong. Listen to the family when they say"something isn't right" They usually know. 2. Avoid alot of unnecessary family interaction and interruption by serkin seeking them out and filling them in. Answer questions. Once they realize you care and know what you're doing they usually are relieved and can go back to work. Dont be the ****** one who avoids them. If you are pushed for time, say I want to update you in 10 minutes before you leave. Guaranteed you'll only spend 15 minutes. Trust is earned. Case closed 3. Take your damn breaks! Clearing your head for 15 minutes is necessary! 4. Remember we support you guys! Some of us are cool. We want you in the field! Ask us anything!