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tacticool has 3 years experience and specializes in BSN, RN-BC, NREMT, EMT-P, TCRN.

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  1. tacticool

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    So then, do you tell your patients not to get the flu shot, pneumococcal, or shingles vaccine?
  2. tacticool

    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

  3. tacticool

    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    Where's your proof of age discrimination?
  4. tacticool

    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    Why jump to the conclusion of age discrimination and offer advice on how to combat it when there's no proof offered?
  5. tacticool

    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    Your age is NOT an issue. I graduated at 58yo and was hired right away at an HCA hospital through the StaRN program. Your problem is you're apparently a new nurse without experience. Apply for a New Grad Program.
  6. tacticool

    New grad Rn should I go to medsurg

    Corrections is like working in the Twilight Zone. The environment is not like a hospital in any way, shape, or form. You need to be tough, independent, and assertive. If you aren't, it's not for you.
  7. tacticool

    too soon to be an NP?

    Board Certified as what?
  8. In your quest to be successful, it sounds like you are doing too much with all of the review books, concept maps, review sheets, etc. By going outside the curriculum with these adjuncts, when it comes to passing the Med-Surg tests, you are trying to answer the questions incorporating all of the info you've studied. And the info can at times be complimentary or contradicting. This can create confusion. Do you really need this overkill? I think not. Keep it simple. Good luck!
  9. tacticool

    Realistic Goal?

    Hey, Nurse! Look at the local hospitals and see if they have a New Grad or Nurse Residency Program. Some of our local hospitals have them with a few seats for ED or CCU/ICU. Good luck! Start with this, get experience and then look at CRNA. PS- NCLEX is easy!
  10. tacticool

    Is the future of ER Nursing I-stats?

    You're in the ED. It's not the floor like in MedSurg. You have the advantage of having diagnostic info in your hands in MINUTES. I wish I had this ability as I currently do not work in the ED. We have to draw our own labs and tube them to the lab. I don't mind drawing my labs. I would say to you that I relish your ability to have the info so quickly.
  11. Unfortunately, hospitals are requiring BSNs. All of our area hospitals will hire ASNs, but you must be actively enrolled in a BSN program within 1 year of hire except for our local HCA hospitals. Then you must have your BSN within 3, 5, 6 years respectively; Baptist, Mayo, UF Health in Jacksonville. My former hospital, Memorial Jacksonville, cut all the LPNs loose. Concur!!!!!!
  12. My question as well! So could one infer from the comment that the display of certs makes someone else possibly feel inferior? NOTE: This is not a dig or a slam. Serious question
  13. Certs enhance the perceived goodness of a nurse. Patients ask me what the letters mean and when I tell them, they feel more confident since I went above and beyond. So displaying them does have a positive impact.
  14. Bro, you just spoke a mouthful of jibberish and confusion. Knowledge and experience are components of expertise, but shouldn't be confused for expertise?
  15. Not true. If you have an ASN or BSN that means you went through the EDUCATIONAL process to take your NCLEX-RN and become an RN to ENHANCE your level of expertise. Why are you now not an RN?
  16. 1. "More important", not importanter 2. "Their", not there. You want to see just "RN, no letters."? "Thousands of hours bedside..." Don't know what you are since there's nothing identifying your level, but the RN with RN-BC, CEN, CCRN, TCRN, etc., has lots of hours, MORE expertise/experience than the average nurse. Are you an RN? Do you have a board-certification? Are you a BSN?

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