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  1. J Sarg. Reynolds Class of 2022

    It has a catheter kit, stethoscope, penlight, wound care supplies, NG tube etc. It's required to enter lab. Unfortunately you can't pick and choose what you want in it.
  2. J. Sargent Reynolds Spring 2021

    Yes, you will be just fine!
  3. J Sarg. Reynolds Class of 2022

    Hey guys! CONGRATS on getting in! Thought I'd start a thread to get to know my new classmates. Having support throughout the program is going to be important ? It was nice to meet all of you during the zoom calls. I hope everyone is staying safe. -...
  4. J Sargeant Reynolds Fall 2020

    I did not get a call or email either. Some say they are getting the "Applications are still under review" email but I haven't gotten that. I got a 92 in grammar, 92 in reading, 86 in math, 92 in anatomy with average score of 90.5. Hopefully thats goo...
  5. J Sargeant Reynolds Fall 2020

    I've been studying for months for the HESI. I've been told the anatomy is not that bad but then others say it was brutal. I dont know if the test is random for everyone or if they ask the same questions but I'm just at a loss for what to study. I tak...
  6. J Sargeant Reynolds Fall 2020

    Oh I hope they go with GPA & Essay but sadly I dont think they will. I will say though it's cutting it pretty close though to when we would normally start school which is roughly 2nd week of August & that's right around the corner. Has anyon...
  7. J. Sargeant Reynolds CC Spring 2020

    Congrats! So jealous!
  8. Bon Secours nursing program

    No I didn't get in, not even on the wait list. I re-applied for Fall 2017. I just became a CNA (not that that's going to help though) I don't know what they're looking for so I feel lost. Sounds like they have so many qualified applicants, they can't...
  9. Can an ADN become a charge nurse?

    I want to go on for my masters eventually! My dream is to be in a Level I Trauma hospital like MCV in Richmond, Va. There are ADN jobs available in my area but they are also having to sign contracts agreeing that in a couple years they have to go bac...
  10. TIPS on getting into nursing school

    Honestly, I'm shocked you didnt get into the nursing program! Like overall what you have is outstanding!! If I was on the admissions committee I would have accepted you in a heart beat! Do you have any clubs you can join? Or internships you can do li...
  11. RN to BSN or go straight to MSN?

    I dont really know how that RN to MSN works. For me personally, I would get my BSN because it has classes on leadership & management etc & I could work for a year being a BSN (not that itd make any difference I dont think) but getting your MS...
  12. Radford University BSN program

    I don't know if you are a transfer or not but I do know that even as transfers who desire to be in the nursing program, I'm pretty sure you have to be at radford for a whole semester before you can apply to the program
  13. J Sargeant Reynolds, a good program?

    I looked at their NCLEX pass rates and they aren't that impressive. I've also heard nothing but terrible things about their program.
  14. Are you looking for ADN or BSN? If you are looking at BSN then go for Bon Secours here in Richmond! It's incredible! 100% pass rate on the NCLEX for 1st time test takers for 13 years straight! Bon Secours also has an RN-BSN program as well if you dec...
  15. Best ADN programs in Richmond area

    I personally would not go to Reynolds for an ADN program. I looked at their NCLEX pass rates and it's terrible. Do John Tyler ADN program but just keep in mind that the job market here in richmond is o.k for ADN's but you WILL be told to go back and ...