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    Air force nursing

    Hello, I am interested in Air force nursing and currently talking to a recruiter. But I was hoping to get some additional information from current or former military nurses. I went to a community college and earned my LPN part way through the program and worked as a LPN for almost a year at a long term care facility until I graduated with my ADN in December 2018. I then left the country to help a family member and worked on my BSN online. When I returned to the states I worked at the US space and rocket center as a camp nurse. I later got a job on a very diverse med surgical floor in October and graduated with my BSN December 2019. I was interested in military nursing but was told not to contact a recruiter until I finished my BSN in nursing. I tried to contact them in early fall because I was interested in NTP and have a high GPA but I have had a hard time getting my recruiter to respond I finally got in contact with a recruiter before the holidays and he said because I graduated in December and I am working at hospital I will have too much experience to qualify for NTP but can apply as a commissioned officer. I am interested in flight nursing. I asked if it was better to apply now as a med surg nurse or get experience in the ICU or ER first. My recruiter asked the one of the higher nurse recruiters who said it was better to join as med surg and that it would be easier to transfer over. Does anyone have any experience with this. I have been told by my dad who was Navy that recruiters aren't always truthful. If anyone has experience with flight nursing in the Air force I would value any advice anyone has about flight nursing. Also any advice about life in the air force. The good and the bad. Thanks in advance.

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