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  1. Lightning90

    I don't want to be a nurse!!

    Dooooooont do it. Its not that great. The pay is horrible. And you are going to be dealing with a lot of body fluids. Think of it as babysitting. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN.
  2. Lightning90

    Is 35 too old to start from Scratch?

    OMG. Lmao. So many people are defensive about their age. This is hilariously funny. Some people just cant accept the truth.
  3. Med term is just pure memorization... I would look that teacher up on a rating website. If she's hard or has bad ratings, I would choose another teacher, to make the class easier.
  4. Lightning90

    Will I get accepted into nursing school

    If you really want to be a nurse, then dont give up. There are plenty of colleges out there that will except everyone (however for some, the waiting list is pretty long). If you dont get into nursing school, then you could always become an LPN. The good thing is, there really isnt much math in nursing. It is mostly conversions and simple formulas.
  5. Lightning90

    Fell asleep during clinical.

    You can expect to get written up but I doubt you would get kicked out. The only way to get kicked out of my program is if you are negligent with your patient, come to class high or hungover or repeatedly fail to do assignments. However, each nursing program is different.
  6. Lightning90

    Losing Motivation I Never Had

    If i were you, I would stick it out. You only have a little over a year left. Once you graduate, start working as a nurse and see if you like it. If you do, great. If you dont, then go with your original plan.
  7. Lightning90

    Advice - would this lead to a lawsuit?

    Only if something bad happened to the patient as a result.
  8. Lightning90

    Is 35 too old to start from Scratch?

    Oh, i sure do love stalkers. I think you might of missed the part where i said "However, if this is your dream, then go for it", but then again, I think my hopes were set too high.
  9. Lightning90

    Is 35 too old to start from Scratch?

    Im sorry, but I have to disagree. 35 IS old. And you always have to think ahead. That user will not be a nurse at 35.. It will definitely take them 4-5 more years if they are starting from scratch. I honestly would not recommend going back to school unless you REALLY want to be a nurse and put yourself through all that stress. However, if this is your dream, then go for it.
  10. In my opinion, yes it is. Why would you risk doing that? I would apply to at LEAST 1 more school.
  11. Lightning90

    Jury duty and new grad program

    Just dont go. Act like you never got the letter in the mail. They have no way of verifying if you actually received the letter. Plus i doubt anything with happen. Do you know how many people skip jury duty? TONS! The court does not have the resources or money to keep up with all of that.
  12. Lightning90

    Is 35 too old to start from Scratch?

    In my opinion, yes it is. I could never imagine myself going back to school at that age..
  13. Lightning90

    How many credits is too much

    I would be a little worried about taking 2 science classes and a math class in the same semester. You mentioned you took 14 credits last semester. How was that? Did you feel you had an adequate amount of study time for each class? There are other factors you should consider. Are you working? Do you have kids? If you feel like you can handle it, then go for it! However, if I were you, I would probably move the chemistry class OR the math class to the summer. That way, I make sure i get the BEST grades possible in each class. Good luck this semester :)
  14. Lightning90

    Feeling a little overwhelmed and discouraged...

    I think you should focus on finishing school before you start thinking about a career. Dont get ahead of yourself
  15. Lightning90

    I Really Want To Pursue Nursing But I Have Doubts...

    You can easily become a nurse after 2 years of school.. Youre asking your question in the wrong place. You are not going to get diversified responses on this page since this is a nursing website. Everyone here will tell you how great nursing is as a profession, and no one will tell you about the negatives.
  16. Lightning90


    I think your chances are good. Good luck.