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Looking into nursing since December '04, a nursing student as of February '06, RCpN as of December '08 all going to plan

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  1. KiwiChick

    Your Pet and your schedule...

    I'm a bunny person. They're destructive, shed a lot, and require access to grass but they're clean, low-maintenance animals with some very cute quirks. You can't help but love an animal that will race up to you and hop backwards and forwards in circles round your feet to pronounce their undying love for you And yes, I have walked my rabbit on numerous occasions while on holiday.
  2. KiwiChick

    Nursing student starting peds rotation

    Some great insights there, Raerae. Good stuff.
  3. KiwiChick

    Please help me think of a nursing-related name!!!

    You'd probably have to be a Tollers fan to get "The Tinuvial". "Plaseabo" made me think of Pa-nurse-ea but the American enunciation of the "r" would change that.
  4. KiwiChick

    Something good

    I currently work at a McDonalds to fund my upcoming years of nursing training and the same team ethic is aimed for, although not always achieved. Thanks for sharing that the same teamwork I love in my current job is possible in nursing. I'll definately work to carry it over.
  5. KiwiChick

    Who else is starting Nursing School in January?

    Soon after I posted, I found out my letter had come today and I wasn't told I had any mail I'm in. Feb. 13th.
  6. KiwiChick

    I made it IN!!

    Congratulations! and thanks. I literally got my letter of acceptance 10 minutes ago. I was told it was a given but I'm still happy :) Bring on February 13th.
  7. KiwiChick

    Who else is starting Nursing School in January?

    I might be starting in February. My application's only been in for a week and I'm already getting impatient to see if I'm accepted or not. I'm excited about starting a new chapter in life but not 100% sure about nursing yet so, very nervous.