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  1. Hello, I got an offer on the medical oncology floor at City of Hope. Was wondering - if anyone will also be starting in the March 2019 cohort - for those that have been through City of Hope's New Grad what are your thoughts/advice - for current/past City of Hope nurses/RNs/employees what is your experience like working for City of Hope - for nurses/RN's that relocated to SoCal to work what is it like This is my first job as an RN and I will be relocating from San Francisco so any tips on housing/familiarizing myself with Duarte and the Los Angeles region would be helpful as well. Excited to embark on this new journey :)
  2. For those of you accepted into the Fall 2016 SFSU cohort is there a Facebook group page made? I found one for the Sequoia SFSU campus in Canada, but not for the SF location. If not I was thinking of making one so we can reach out to each other that way :)
  3. My Stats: School GPA: 3.7 Prerequisite GPA: 3.9 TEAS: 90% Multicultural Experience: 1st Grade Catechist Teacher for 4 years, Suitcase Clinic Caseworker Health-Related Experience: Escort Desk/Emergency Room Volunteer in Doctors Medical Center (before they closed in 2014) 180 hours, currently a volunteer at UCSF Benioff Oakland Children's Hospital (Art Cart/ED) 200+ hours Other: 1st time applicant, graduating UC Berkeley B.A. Molecular Cell Biology (MCB) in May 2016, CPR/AED/1st Aid Certified Some things I also considered (and am still considering as a part-time job) are scribe (CEP America or Scribe America) or CNA (thinking about enrolling in Contra Costa Nursing Academy's CNA program this summer) If anyone has any insight/advice about SFSU's nursing school I would like to hear about it. I was able to see their admissions office when I went in for my interview, but I didn't get a chance to explore the labs, simulations, or classrooms. I'm also form the Richmond area so I would most likely be commuting to school/clinicals on a daily basis. I would love to hear feedback from anyone that has gone through their program before:) And has anyone started a FB page for the fall 2016 cohort? Best of luck to all. Nursing is a journey of growth, progress, improvement, and learning. Let's continue to stay bold and positive!
  4. melankie

    NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    Hello! I also got an acceptance letter from NYU for the fall 2016 cohort:) I was born and raised in CA (Bay Area) and NYU would be an out of state for me. Is anyone else considering NYU from out of state? Any advice or insight about the school or program would be great before I make my final decision. Also, does anyone know the size of the fall absn cohort? Thanks and good luck to all!
  5. I just received an email this morning saying I got accepted into SFSU's BSN nursing program. I am more than overjoyed! Does anyone know the tuition breakdown for the complete program? I found this: SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY - 2015-16 Academic Year Rates | Fee Rates | Student Fees | Budget | CSU. So if 1 year is about $7000, 2 years would be $14000. And best of luck to everyone! :)