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  1. soljhs

    What's the least saturated specialty in APRN?

    Because I'm curious?
  2. what's the least saturated specialty in APRN?
  3. what's the least saturated specialty in APRN?
  4. So, I really need honest opinion here. I am an RN and my career stopped in 2017 due to Visa expiration in the States. Haven't been in field ever since then. I still got no valid status which holds me back going back to the States. The only way I can connect to nursing again right now is to go to graduate school and I'm interested in becoming a NP. However, I have this fear that I stopped nursing from 2017 till now and also I only have 7-8 months of experience in total as RN. I have to know in advance that will I be ever be hired after I graduate? If employer is not going to hire someone who has lack of experience like I do, I honestly just dont even want to start in the first place. I just heard from several people that it takes years to find a job when you dont have enough experience. And those people were also just NP students. And I AM FULLY AWARE THAT more RN experiences, the better chance you have. My question is, with lack of experience, do you still get hired? I need to hear first hand experience. And plz don't comment if you don't know so well either. Dont need any BS at this time. Gotta make decision asap. So.. Thx in advance.
  5. Hi, I am an RN, thinking about becoming NP. There are several types of NP and I don't know what kind of NPs would be right for me. Any advice on how to choose?
  6. soljhs

    Canada nursing

    I was on OPT visa when I worked in the States. Yeah.. gotta make local connections here. Thank you for your opinion!
  7. soljhs

    Canada nursing

    Thanks.. I just have no status in the States
  8. soljhs

    Canada nursing

    Yeah..I live close to US Michigan border too(only takes 15 mins from here actually) I wish I could walk across the border too, but I only have PR in Canada and cannot work until I get Canada citizenship. I contacted some agency but they said i should be able to work flexible(they are going to send me new york, California, pretty much wherever) so... I do really want to work in the States
  9. soljhs

    Canada nursing

    I'm so frustrated here I need to vent. I have RN license and worked in the States, recently moved to Canada. However, obtaining RN license here is pain in the butt omg...why they require so much when I do have active RN license and it takes FOREVER. I got married to Canadian so i had no choice but to move here, but pay is low, dinasuar hospital, almost no positions available at the hospital, 3 shifts, no nursing assistants, and I paid almost 800 usd to get the license and this is only the first step!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. There are only 2 big hospitals in the city and they are NOT looking for any RNs. U kidding me right now...
  10. soljhs

    NNAS question

    Hi, I am in the middle of NNAS application, and I have a question. Would you add hospital on the list if you only work for a month? Personally, It wasn't pleasant experience at all for me during the employment. (Not having a good relationship with manager r/t racism etc) At the same time, it seems like CNO puts a lot of importance on nursing experiences, so I don't know if I should just go ahead and add that as my experience or just simply skip since it is only a month of employment
  11. soljhs

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    I love when educating patients and they learn something
  12. soljhs

    How are the OB nurses?

  13. soljhs

    Patient to nurse ratio?

    Ok thanks!
  14. soljhs

    How are the OB nurses?

    So I've been in maternity for a while I heard this myth from several nurses that most of OB nurses who work in (L&D or postpartum etc) are kind of mean for some reason ( I guess a lot of women, a lot of drama). In my hospital everyone in OB here talking about others behind their back, nitpicking about everything and pretty much everyone here hate each other and drama every day. Is it just my hospital or other places like this too? I love OB and I wonder what other hospitals are like
  15. Even though I love nursing so much at school, working at the hospital is still hard and challenging every day. So you would have to have deep foundation and commitment to nursing if you want to make it. If you already dont like doing it, you wont be able to make it far. Just being realistic.
  16. soljhs

    RN from the US moves to Canada

    Oh ok! Thank you. I'm not planning to transfer since you said I can keep my two licenses. I will just go ahead and apply for Canada license and keep my US license!

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