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  1. soljhs

    Patient to nurse ratio?

    Ok thanks!
  2. soljhs

    How are the OB nurses?

    So I've been in maternity for a while I heard this myth from several nurses that most of OB nurses who work in (L&D or postpartum etc) are kind of mean for some reason ( I guess a lot of women, a lot of drama). In my hospital everyone in OB here talking about others behind their back, nitpicking about everything and pretty much everyone here hate each other and drama every day. Is it just my hospital or other places like this too? I love OB and I wonder what other hospitals are like
  3. soljhs

    Adjusting to NIGHT SHIFTS advice??

    I am kinda in between lol I dont think I am a morning person, but I dont think I can stay up late till like 7am. I can stay up till like 2-3am no problem, but past 3am all of sudden all my energy just dropssss. So it's kinda hard. Why cant all nurses just work 9am-5pm and that would be ideal and impossible lol
  4. soljhs

    Not adjusting to night shift

    I did the practicum on night shift and towards the 4-5am I literally felt like I was drunk lol that feeling is horrible. It was exactly like when you get drunk. It is just awful to go to sleep when there is beautiful sunshine out there. I feel like natural way is to stay awake during the day and sleep at night. I believe that's how humans are naturally adjusted..
  5. soljhs

    What is dinosaur hospital?

    Hahaha good one
  6. soljhs

    Patient to nurse ratio?

    Hi what's the patient to nurse ratio in Ontario or maybe in other provinces?
  7. soljhs

    What is dinosaur hospital?

    Oh ok thank you
  8. soljhs

    Looking up patients on Facebook

    Do they have time to do that kind of stuff? I am usually busy at the hospital and not having enough time to search them. I do want to know their previous medical history etc prior to admitting them but wow....lol they must be bored
  9. soljhs

    What is dinosaur hospital?

    So I was talking to this nurse today and she described canada hospital as dinosaur hospital. Does anyone know what this means? Haha
  10. soljhs

    RN from the US moves to Canada

    Oh ok! If you get a job in USA, what would be your status? I heard about TN visa thing, is that what you are going to get?
  11. soljhs

    The best areas/units for patient education

  12. soljhs

    The best areas/units for patient education

  13. soljhs

    Interview with CNO

    Hi, I have a phone interview coming up with CNO of the hospital regarding getting a sponsorship from the hospital. What questions should I be prepared for? And are there any other tips prior to the phone call? Thank you.
  14. soljhs

    RN from the US moves to Canada

    Hi can you keep 2 licenses? From what I know you should change your lincse