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  1. Sandybear

    Any Thoughts on why Orthopedics Hire PA more than APN

    Shibaowner, and Jules I'm in school for APN with Orthopedic specialty and as I was looking for possible preceptors. I'm finding that they hire a great deal more PA's than NP's. I was just wondering if there may be a reason for it.
  2. I'm currently a RN going for my Masters in NP with Ortho specialty but seem to find a lot of orthopedics hire more PA's. Any thoughts?
  3. Sandybear

    Duke FNP Online Program

    I was wondering if anyone is or have been a Duke School of Nursing Student online? I will start Duke FNP program with orthopedic specialty the end of August and wondered if anyone has done the program?
  4. Sandybear

    Duke Fall 2017

    Joining this conversation late however I was accepted into the FNP with an orthopedic Specialty anyone else doing this tract?
  5. Sandybear

    Home Health to ER

    I'm not worried much about the physical requirement as I am very active runner. I know I can handle the physical aspect, just a bit nervous about the knowledge base. I pretty much have worked with older adults elderly mostly and am looking for a change. Thanks for the encouragement. :)
  6. Sandybear

    Home Health to ER

    So I been in home health most of my career. I pretty much loved the thought of trying the ER but made me a little nervous so I stayed clear of it. I been a nurse for about 18 years and in the process of finishing my BSN. What are the thoughts on giving the ER a try. Still nervous but really tried of being nervous and need a change.