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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll see what I can do :)
  2. The school selects the applicants based on a lottery system and mine wasn't chosen, I guess. Supposedly, as long as I keep reapplying I will eventually get in.
  3. So I came up with a few options about what I should do while I wait to reapply next year and I would like to know what would you do. I came up with these with the help from a career counselor at my community college and she introduced me to these ideas. 1. Go back to school to get my bachelors in Health Science. I have an AA in health science. OR 2. Find employment in the medical field to get experience, for someone with no work experience. OR 3. Go into a medical assistant program in my town that is free. The length of the program is 45 weeks. I can receive certifications after I have completed the program. I think this could help me find employment? Honestly, I don't want to go back to school and take more classes. Therefore, I will get my bachelors later in the future if I have the desire. I am currently unemployed and I've never had a job before, so I would like to find employment in the medical field to get some experience. The medical assistant program sounds nice, but I don't know how I feel about being in the program for 45 weeks. Any advice? If you were me, what would you do? I am definitely going to reapply, but in the meantime I need to do something with my life. If I could find employment, that would be great.
  4. Thanks. This was only my first time applying.
  5. Hello, I applied for the RN program at my community college but did not get accepted. I'm actually not sure if I wanted to go for nursing. I think I do want to go into nursing, but I'm just not sure which field I want to go into. More specifically, I don't know if I want to become an RN, CNA, OR LVN? Does anyone have any advice for me or know any good website that I can look into for helping me determine which type of nursing is right for me? I'm not sure what to do now that I didn't get accepted. I already have my AA. In the meantime, I just plan on looking for a part-time job and reapply when it's time. I honestly don't even know why I want to go into the RN program. I'm confused and don't know what my goals are, so that's why I'm using this time to figure things out before I start reapplying again.
  6. I applied but did not get accepted. Good luck to those who did though :) I'm gonna reapply next year.
  7. *EDIT: BTW after a class session, should I be reviewing what I have learned to make sure I know it and keep studying it as I begin learning more new materials? Each class session we are going to focus on one chapter, so how should I keep up with memorizing? Just focus on memorizing one chapter and just memorize the next chapter while forgetting the previous chapter or continuously going over the old materials as I learn a new chapter? I think it depends on how well I memorize.
  8. Thank you all for your advice and suggestions! I'll do whatever I can to do well in this class :)
  9. I will definitely try. The first exam is coming up in a few weeks.
  10. forevermn

    How old is everyone?

    I'm 23. I got my Associate's Degree in Health Science, Psychology, and a few others in 2015. I plan on applying to nursing school this fall, hoping to obtain my ADN.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if any of you have taken a medical terminology course and managed to get an A. My sister took it a few semesters ago and got a B. She said it was hard. I'm no straight-A student, but is it possible for me to get an A? Even if I don't, what tips and advice do you have for me? I will need all the help I can get. IF you took it at Merced College, then my instructor is Provencio. I don't plan on purchasing the textbook. I will probably check it out at the library when I need to study and do homework. Based on the syllabus, homework and the exams are worth a lot of points. They are worth 20-50% of the grade. Thank you!
  12. Thank you for all of your suggestions.
  13. Dear Nursing students, I've never had a job before and I really want a job. I'm 23 years old btw T__T Should I look for a part-time job (working at fast food and etc.) if I plan on applying to the nursing program at Merced College? What if I apply and get accepted into the program? Would it be a good idea to have a job when I'm about to start the program? I don't know if it's a good idea to have a job at the same as being in the program. My friend is in her first semester in the program and she told me some have quit their jobs to focus entirely on the nursing program. I don't think I should have a job if I got accepted into the program since I feel like it would be too much work and stress. Any ideas or suggestions? Anything helps! Meanwhile, I'm waiting to apply since they're not accepting applications until March of 2017 and I'm trying to look for jobs online. So far no luck. It's quite hard since I don't have any work experience.
  14. forevermn

    Getting my ADN before BSN?

    So I have a friend who just got accepted into the nursing program at Merced College and I'm absolutely upset for not applying when I could have. I have a higher GPA than she does and got a higher teas score, so if I could get in next year should I just get my ADN first and then get my BSN if I wanted to? It's likely that I have a higher chance of getting my ADN first before BSN, since there's many things I still need to do to fix my application to increase my chances of getting in to get my BSN. My original intention was to get my BSN, but I don't think that's going to work out. Any advice? Financial aid is definitely something I need to consider.
  15. So I've been considering retaking the teas to improve my score. I got 72% on my first attempt, but would like to get a higher score so I'll have a higher chance of getting into a nursing program (I've already applied and been selected as an alternate, but my ranking is too high. Therefore, I have to reapply). Here are my scores for the teas: -reading: 57.1% -English and language: 66.7% -math: 83.3% -science: 81.3% adjusted individual total score: 72.0% Obviously, I need to work on my english and reading but how do I do that exactly? I purchased the study manual and a 5-practice test book, but it wasn't helpful in the end. I've studied for a few months in advance. Studying the study manual and taking the practice tests wasn't particularly difficult, but when it came to the actual exam I found it quite difficult to comprehend. Are there any tips for me to improve my english and reading? I'm not too worried about the math and science section. To be quite honest, I was never good in English when I was young. I was placed in an average level of English reading in elementary school. I switched to another school and that school had, I believe, 8 different english-reading level and I was placed at the fourth level. However, my brother (he's a year older) is smarter and was placed in level 6. I eventually moved my way up to level 7. Then during sophomore year, I received a score of 358 on the english-reading portion of the cahsee and 368 on the math portion. I know that no one will be able to help me and English-reading is just something I'm going to have to know on my own. Usually when I'm reading something, instead of focusing on what I'm reading I'm just reading it without fully understanding it. I'm gonna have to find a way somehow. Any suggestions? The new teas version is coming out (I don't remember when) and I'm not sure if I should purchase it or not since I didn't find the study manual to be helpful at all (This is just from my experience). Any kind of help is appreciated. I'm so sorry for making this long, but I want to thank you if you had read it all till the end. Thank you for reading this!