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  1. KayJones22

    Southwest TN CC Lpn to RN

    That's what I said lol. I'm not going to work the first semester, if possible. So I'm going to take advantage of those off days. I hope we both get in!!
  2. KayJones22

    Southwest TN CC Lpn to RN

    Thanks! Yes, I think I saw that same forum. They got notified in March. The schedule is up for Summer 19. Class is basically Monday- Friday but you will have 1 day off during the week.
  3. KayJones22

    Southwest TN CC Lpn to RN

    Good luck! It doesn't seem like they get alot of applicants because all the forums I've seen have been for the traditional track. I thought about applying to ASU as well. P.S. you'll need 3 letters of recommendation. It's not on the website or application but they'll ask for it when you drop your application off.
  4. KayJones22

    Southwest TN CC Lpn to RN

    Hello, I've applied to Southwest TN Community College LPN Mobility Track Summer 2019. Any other hopefuls? I haven't found much information or applicants for the LPN to RN program.
  5. KayJones22

    tennessee technology center in covington lpn

    @DaniMich did u get accepted for the evening program?
  6. KayJones22

    2015 tcat-memphis (fall)

    @Danimich Did you get accepted? I will be starting study lab on April 26th for the evening class.
  7. KayJones22

    Covington TENN TECH LPN

    Have you heard anything about purchasing books, supplies, etc. Or are they going to have us purchase everything on our first day of study lab?