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  1. Hello, Im in the AAS program and the days you are in class depends on the credits you come in with. First semester: Monday- 8am-1pm clinical Tuesday- 8am-12pm lab then 5 pm-7:30 pm math Thursday- 1-7pm lecture Second sem: Monday 8-4 clinical Tuesday 8-1 lab then 5:30-8pm lecture Friday0 8am-11 am pharmacology then 11:30-2pm lecture Third: i have two clinicals -one is a 12-hour shift, the other an 8-hour shift on two separate days plus i have lecture one day, all day. you don't have an option with lecture time and day but you do have 3 options for clinical days (Saturdays as well) and you have 2 options for lab day. The straight evening isn't an option i believe... unless something changed.
  2. be careful with transfering in math for medications. your transfer will only be accepted IF you score 100 percent on the math validation exam. id recommend taking it at PSON. the instructor is soooooo good and you don't take the course for the entire semester.
  3. I took mine online at Cayuga college! recommended. (PHIL 105-702) Ethics. it will transfer in.
  4. Pros and Cons like any and every school, however, I do not regret choosing PSON! Time sure does fly! I blinked my eye and here I am about to enter my third semester.
  5. Hi all, idk if this will ease anyone's anxiety or make it worse but I am a current AAS student and I didn't receive my acceptance letter until May 2nd last year while my friend got hers about 1-2 weeks prior. Don't lose hope. I applied 2/28/17 when the deadline was 3/1/17. The transcripts and professional references were due 4/1/17 and were told I had until 5/1/17 to get my HESI scores in, ended up getting them in 4/14/17... about 2 weeks later I received the acceptance. Ms G is an amazing woman and is super helpful. They may be waiting for some applicants to submit pending documents. I know its killing you but if it helps, my friend and I submitted applications same day and received decisions 2 weeks from each other. good luck to all!
  6. Your GPA is acceptable. Do really well on the Hesi A2. I recommend the "Pocket Prep" App & write an honest essay, submit great recommendation letters and you will be fine. Good luck !
  7. Hi! So, the Math for Medication course can be transferred in and it has to be the same course or comparable (cover the same content .. specifically Math for medications) in addition, if you're transferring it in, you must still take a competency exam given usually on the day of orientation and score 100% in order for the credits to be accepted. But no, it can't be a regular math course.
  8. Hi! What prereqs do you have left? it wouldnt be that much if youre coming in with transfer credits
  9. They are very open-minded when it comes to accepting which is why I think they have many factors included in the application process. They definitely don't disqualify you for a slight imperfection. They look at your overall package! Good Luck!
  10. Are you applying for the AAS program specifically? I dont take any online courses and it wasnt an option however, i believe the Bioethics course is hybrid. My classes for Spring are not online either.
  11. hey! Math, reading comprehension, and science i believe.
  12. Well,youre at a perfect start by getting your prereqs out of the way! What exactly about the admission process would you like to know?
  13. Hi! I didnt use a book. I actually used "Pocket Prep Hesi A2" app.
  14. Omg don't mention the booklist. It's driving me crazy. I'm one of those people that like to get things ahead of time. It's bothering my nerves not having a booklist. Lol ugh
  15. My summers going well. One more week of this online Phil course. Hope your summer has been great! I wasn't aware there was a change in tuition. To my knowledge it's $600 per credit.. I imagine a lot. Probably clinical assignments , going thru the handbook, supplies needed, introduction to staff, ID's, school emails, and test given for math for meds course..... not sure what else but I can imagine......
  16. I spoke to the financial aid manager and she told me they were only estimates. She also instructed me to submit the loan counseling and Master promissary which she emailed me the links for. She's really nice so I'm sure she will be willing to address any of your concerns.

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