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  1. coffeestainedscrubs

    Traveling before first job, bad idea?

    I will be graduating with my BSN in May. I am considering being an au pair abroad for a few months this summer. This could postpone taking my NCLEX and would post pone me starting a job. I could take NCLEX earliest at the end of June, then go out and come back in September or October and apply for jobs after. Or go out in May to July, August, or September then take my NCLEX soon when I get back and apply for jobs for hopefully ASAP in the fall. Do you think it is too difficult to start a job so late? Would it be more difficult to take my NCLEX later, even if I spent the summer studying in my free time? Do you think I could apply for a job this spring and ask about starting in the fall? Any input really! It is harder to travel once you are actually working, although 3 days a week in a hospital does help with being able to travel more. I am young and want to experience things, just feel like the opportunity for something like this is now, but don't want it to hurt my future career. I would like to work in pediatrics.
  2. coffeestainedscrubs

    Appropriate COPD Pulse Ox numbers

    I understand why they have low saturation generally, but why (when they are on oxygen through a nasal cannula) would we desire the COPD patient's saturation between 88-93% and not 100%.
  3. coffeestainedscrubs

    Appropriate COPD Pulse Ox numbers

    Hi, I am a nursing student. Yesterday, in my clinical a patient with a number of issues (we were focused on his CHF but has COPD) was on 3L of oxygen. His pulse ox was recovering from his exacerbation and he was reaching 96-98%. The nurse mentioned for COPD patients it needs to be between 88-93% and she took off the oxygen for a while. She was out the door before I could ask why. Can someone explain this to me? Is this because if their hemoglobin is highly saturated (98-100%) they'll have a hard time getting more oxygen because of like movement of molecules from high to low and since they have breathing problems they take in less molecules of air and the pressure change won't occur well and then they're saturation will suddenly drop or something?

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