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  1. Tinkers33

    Made my first med error

    I made my first medication error on Thursday. The patient is ok, my co-workers have been very supportive telling me it happens to all of us, but I feel horrible!!! Have any of you done this before? How do you get your confidence back up and not feel like a horrible nurse/person?
  2. Tinkers33

    One step forward...a million back

    Hello nurse family So I've been a nurse for two months now and I feel so much more confidant than my first week on the floor, with that said.....WOW nursing is tough! Yesterday was awful. Two admits back to back and a fall! Then after I got all my assessments done and ready to chart the freaking computer system went down!!! I feel a bit defeated, I understand everything is a learning experience but lately I feel like I am messing up all over the place! My patient care and tx are fine but the paperwork for things like incident reports/admits are not. I just really need some encouragement, I know I am a good nurse but there are days I feel like I'm drowning .
  3. Tinkers33

    How much do you make 2016

    I make $22.50 as a new grad, in Oregon
  4. Tinkers33

    How much do you LPN's make?

    I make $22.50 an hour as a new grad in Oregon
  5. Tinkers33

    OMG new floor nurse

    Thank you so much!
  6. Tinkers33

    OMG new floor nurse

    so here is a question to all my nurse family..did you all feel the first few days, weeks, or heaven help me months as new nurse that the job is crazy hard? Like staying two hours past your normal time to chart? Like you love this job but what the hell did you get yourself into?!? New nurse soooo glad it's my FRIDAY!! First solo week done!
  7. Good afternoon everyone So I got a job immediately after passing my NCLEX-PN. Yay, I was on orientation for two weeks and starting Tuesday I'm going solo. I am terrified!! I am able to do the job but I am still slow at it. I have been told by all the experienced nurses that this is normal. I feel confident in most of my skills but am afraid I'll miss something important with out an other nurse there with me. There is so much to do and it is just me...granted I can ask one of the other floor nurses if I am confused or unsure...any advise from others on how to get into your own flow of things and calm the nerves?
  8. Tinkers33

    New nurse on the floor

    What medications are incompatible? Just wondering
  9. Tinkers33

    New nurse on the floor

    My NCLEX prep study questions and my instuctors said to never mix so of course I thought this was a set in stone rule. I'm not confident on med compatibility so that is something I need to look further into
  10. Tinkers33

    New nurse on the floor

    Good evening So I am a new nurse and am training at my new job. Since I will be a float I'm spending two days on each hall, four halls total. We are a skilled nursing rehab with one hall devoted to long term skilled nursing. My question is this: I know there is by the book school nursing and real life nursing, regardless I do do everything I can to be by the book. Today I was on the long term hall and had two PEG tube patients. All of their meds needed to be crushed, then mixed with water to give via tube. I was told you never mix meds, you give them separately. The nurse I was training with mixes them all together. Cough meds, BP meds, fiber and so on. When I went to give the meds I was separating them and was told "you don't have time for that. You will never get meds done on this hall if you separate them." To make matters worse, our med aid was also irritated that I was doing this because i was taking too long. My long story question is this, what is ok to do? Thanks all
  11. Tinkers33

    Just passed NCLEX PN

    Thank you! I start next Wednesday! I am working where I did my practicum so that's pretty awesome!!
  12. Tinkers33

    exit pn exam

    I'm a recent grad and newly licensed LPN. I did ATI, and I think it helped. My school spread it over three terms but it is good information.
  13. Tinkers33

    HIPAA Violation as a student

    Oh honey, I'm sorry you are in this mess! I just recently finished nursing school and I have had similar situations. The only thing to do is tell someone. I know it feels like a betrayal but you have to stand up for your patients. It is a valuable lesson learned early. You should be able to do this anonymously, so she can't retaliate. Good luck
  14. Tinkers33

    Just passed NCLEX PN

    Good afternoon everyone! So I am a new LPN, and except for my practicum I have no other nursing experience. I was a medical assistant for 8 years but that is a totally different kind of work. During my practicum I became very confident in my patient care, ran the treatment cart by myself, and got a true feeling for nursing. I had moment's where I was overwhelmed and thank God I had other nurses to help me when needed:nurse: Now I'm interviewing for jobs and I am terrified! Now I'm going to be the nurse, and that is really scary! I didn't grasp how to chart because I only did it a few times. I passes meds to a handful of patient's but really only daily to my PEG tube patients...I took lunch breaks because it was mandatory as a student...but many of the nurse's if not most didn't get breaks or clocked out and worked... So I'm asking for any advise you might have for me prior to beginning my first nursing job

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