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    Allina Health not hiring online NP grads

    Wow! Glad you were not my preceptor!! My first few days in the clinical setting I was like a deer in the headlights and my charting was so very bad. However, I had a very experienced and patient preceptor who helped me right my ship and I learned more from her than I did my brick & mortar clinical instructor. Really, one day? That is cold blooded man!!
  2. ByNonie

    New Grad FNP job hunting

    I seen some mindless RN's and a good number of those have gone to be mindless NPs.
  3. ByNonie


    Actually, the majority staying have jobs (the ones who actively sought jobs). I have had offers here at two places where I have done clinicals. I know that there are some bickering back and forth between MSN and DNP Practitioners but it all seems silly to me. I personally cannot stand NPs or any non MD who introduces themselves as Dr whatever - it confuses patients and it is just nonsense. Where I work we have PTs and ST all insisting everyone address them as Dr. I may need to seek treatment for all the intense eye rolling I have experienced.
  4. ByNonie


    How long did it take to land your 1st NP job? Were there multiple offers? How much did negotiation improve the offer? I am about to be a new NP and take my boards. I am in Georgia and moving to MN. I have been applying for positions in MN for a few months and even thought he recruiters tell me they are desperate for NPs I have yet to field a single interview. I do have a pretty decent collection of form rejection letters. All the while the positions remain open. Sure, I am a billion miles away and no I have yet to sit for my boards - but not a single interview. Heck, I have had three offers here in GA. Matters not as I am still moving and will be forced to take a position as an RN and hope that one day I can land an NP position or at least an interview. I would hate to think I have spent all this money and time earning a DNP and never get to use the dang thing.