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  1. bikebro

    Sacred Heart Medical Center

    Most people refer to it as Riverbend hospital. I think the base rate for you would be $46.50. This is the last year of the ONA contract so no idea what the raise will be like next year but its been about 3%. Every unit is different but the hospital itself is great. It's new and on a beautiful site. Not that you can normally do it during your shift but you can pick blackberries under 60ft trees along the river. There is the issue with 8 or 12 hr shifts and ancillary staff going on and a lot of turn over in upper management. I moved here 9 months ago as a new grad RN and feel incredible lucky as the staff, manager, and docs on my unit as good as I could ask for. I think it's a great place to live. When looking into living in the area make sure you include Eugene as the 2 towns are basically 1 city. It's a mostly liberal town with conservative suburbs and rural area. It's an odd mix of city, hippy, and country. Both the mountains and the coast are an hour or less drive away. There is hiking, fishing, biking, kayaking, and running all in town. There are multiple breweries, wineries, and cider places and more diversity in restaurants than you would expect for a town this size. There are also a lot of organic farms and a good farmers market. If you are into sports you can go to UO games. The art scene is decent and the Americana music scene is really good. I haven't been here a full winter so can't comment much on the weather but this summer was amazing. Homelessness is a big issue though it's yet to effect me directly. People like to complain about traffic and housing cost but compared to So Cal or even Portland there is no traffic and you can find housing that is very affordable given RN pay.
  2. bikebro

    Legacy Health Feb 2018 Residency Program

    I haven't heard back from them. I thought I did really well with a PCU and ICU manager at the first round but guess you never know.
  3. bikebro

    California Providence TIP Program February 2018

    Mission Hills and Tarzana has made offers. I know Burbank was still doing interviews this week.
  4. bikebro

    Legacy Health Feb 2018 Residency Program

    I haven't heard back. I was thinking this would probably be the week if they are sticking to a schedule.
  5. Think you are just referring to the sheets of paper with patient info that you create. I always see the term brain sheet not book.
  6. bikebro

    California Providence TIP Program February 2018

    Mission Hills seems to be the only place that has contacted anyone.
  7. bikebro

    How do I find specific salary/benefit info?

    Depending on your location you can look up union contracts. Some are posted public but many are not. If they aren't you can only try asking or even only find out when they make you an offer.
  8. bikebro

    Current hourly wage LA area

    UCLA is just over $43 base but others are down at $37.
  9. bikebro

    Northridge Hospital RN Residency Fall 2017 Cohort

    ICU did interviews last week and Tele this week. Haven't heard about any other department.
  10. bikebro

    Providence TIP Program 2017

    New grads in Burbank got $39.50 an hour in 2016. So it should be about $41/hr for 2018.
  11. bikebro

    Legacy Health Feb 2018 Residency Program

    No idea how many applications they got. The interview itself sounds weird. You just get in line with what ever manager you want to talk with? What was the purpose of picking locations and units then?
  12. bikebro

    Scripps New Grad Residency Jan/March 2018

    My application is still listed as submission received. I think I picked ICU. i also didn't get a personality test. It said not available at the time I applied and I never got an email.
  13. I just wanted to get a post going to keep up with what is going on with the February 2018 residency program at Legacy. I just applied the other day and had a few technical issues with their site. i'm not familiar with their facilities so I ended up just putting any under requested location.
  14. bikebro

    Swedish August Residency 2017

    Could anyone comment on what the new grad pay is? i'm looking to move to the Redmond/Bellevue area and applying to the next Swedish New Grad program.
  15. Does anyone know which hospitals in the LA area allow RN students to work as CNA's without taking the test? I know one of the Providence hospitals does but I'm wondering about others.
  16. bikebro

    Help! Nursing 2nd Career

    I did all the pre-req classes in a year and start a 15 month accelerated BSN program this summer. Taking a class like Physio in the summer is really tough if you work full time because of the class room time required. Overall it will take me 2 years and 8 months from start to finish. I had no classes to take this January to May though so it kind of feels like wasted time. I took a few extra classes because different ABSN programs have different requirements (even in the same state college system). Make sure to do your research on programs and see what specific classes you need out side of the normal Anatomy, Physio, and Micro. Also pay close attention to what classes you can still have in process when you apply.

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