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  1. kookinitreal

    some younger male nurses.....

    It's only a few nurses but they ruin the lot...
  2. kookinitreal

    Problems with an "Old Battle Axes"?

    "Old battle axe" is right on. Let me see how many questions I can ask so I can try to make this guy look stupid. Turnover is the worst part of the job. I feel...
  3. kookinitreal

    Male nurse crying!!!

    One of my main goals at work is to differentiate myself from my coworkers. They all ball-their-eyes out all the time. I'm the only male and they'd love to see m...
  4. kookinitreal

    Comparing Wages in the OR setting

    OK. Here's the deal...I'm obviously a murse and have a very different perspective from 95% of the people on this site. I've been in the workforce for the pas 20...
  5. kookinitreal

    Comparing Wages in the OR setting

    Assume more responsibility for less pay? You're freaking kidding right? Give me a break! I guess if I try to see the silver lining...THERE IS NO NURSING SH...
  6. kookinitreal

    Comparing Wages in the OR setting

    I wouldn't even consider a job paying less than $35/hr regardless of where I live. It's only 70K/yr. Truck drivers make that much. (nothing against truck driver...
  7. kookinitreal

    Military/VA RN's - Please post experiences for Students

    I've ben in the Navy for the past ten years of which I've spent the last two as a nurse. Enlisted recruiter can only guarantee a slot in corpsman school (med...
  8. kookinitreal

    Would You Deploy Again?

    Depends on where you deploy and fam circumstances. I joined as a navy nurse so I wouldn't have to deploy. I've sat my a** in the sand long enough to realize if ...
  9. kookinitreal

    Navy and Oncology

    My buddy is an Oncology CNS...not a provider. Still getting bossed around by MD interns. As close to Oncology subspecialty code as I've seen in the Navy. He ha...
  10. kookinitreal

    Some bad news...

    Navy has better duty stations.
  11. kookinitreal

    Navy nurse or corpsman?

    There's a huge difference b/w RN and corpsman. Depends on what you want to do. If you want to be a nurse don't join as a corpsman. You can easily get shafted i...
  12. kookinitreal

    Navy Nurse Questions

    Every nurse on my floor stays min 24 months if this is their 1st command no matter where you want to go. Some who've wanted to transfer to ICU stayed 36mos.
  13. kookinitreal

    Navy Nurse Questions

    There's good and bad with every job. I've been discussing most of the bad on this thread b/c I'm tired M/S nursing. Let me point out some of the good. If yo...
  14. kookinitreal

    Navy Nurse Questions

    It's pretty interesting reading through all the posts. Are there any east coast MTF's med/surg floors out there where the age of patients range from 18-100 ave...
  15. kookinitreal

    What's In Your Pocket?

    upper left pocket = 2 black pens 1 sharpy lower left pocket = pda, highlighter, brain lower right = alcohol swabs, tape, sissors, 5 flushes by the end of...
  16. kookinitreal

    Navy Nurse Questions

    Now having said that...before all the hate mail starts to bombard me. I'm not trashing/downing talking bad about fellow sailors (especially pm). It's been an ...