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  1. Setting the Precedent: Nurses Fired for Being Sick

    Hematologist didn't tell them anything. Kaiser wanted me to see one of their doctors bc they didn't believe me. And i told them no, so when i finally got scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy- they decided to just let me go and a day before my birthday...
  2. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    What about the possibility of NO FURTHER ADVANCEMENT....I see that some if not most are RNs. For LPNs there is no advancement..except RN school which is Ridiculous to get into NOW. Plus, I agree that patients and their family have TOO MUCH CONTROL ov...
  3. Setting the Precedent: Nurses Fired for Being Sick

    Happened to me. I was being tested for a very high WBC. Seeing a hematologist and employer was notified. I had to take off early because i had to drive an hr and a half or so to my doctor every month. Also had migraines and nasal surgery. Treated me ...
  4. Discouraged

    I feel like i am at my lowest point in my career. I am currently a LPN which i intended on going straight back to school to get my RN that didn't happen. So i have been working for 6 years got into a bridge program in 2016 failed out by 2 tenths of a...
  5. Hi, i am attending the 5pm meeting also.
  6. Help with Care Plans

    Ok, I have a concept map to do- need nursing dxs- have two. but I am trying to come up with my #1 priority diagnosis. No airway or breathing problems , but I was considering circulation....know myelitis and tx with plasmapheresis. So...I feel stumped...