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rubberband's Latest Activity

  1. rubberband

    FIU 2019 bsn to FNP

    Got it too!!
  2. rubberband

    FIU 2019 bsn to FNP

    Have you heard anything yet
  3. rubberband

    FIU 2019 bsn to FNP

    I meant BSN TO DNP
  4. rubberband

    FIU 2019 bsn to FNP

    Hello!! Is anyone applying for 19 spring cohort
  5. rubberband

    UM fall 2018

    Have anyone heard anything yet?
  6. rubberband

    UM fall 2018

    Hello, have anyone one heard anything yet?
  7. rubberband

    UM fall 2018

    I called UM to ask when the interviews will b taking place, the lady said by end of January they will start interviewing the fall semester students!!
  8. rubberband

    UM fall 2018

    Amen !!! Have you hear if anyone have been called yet?
  9. rubberband

    UM fall 2018

    Did you submit the application yet? I'm going to do it this week!!! Let's keep in contact .... I wish you the best luck ever
  10. rubberband

    Nova FNP winter/spring 2018

    How long it took them to contact you once you applied?
  11. rubberband

    Bsn to dnp at Jacksonville University

    Anyone applying ?
  12. Hello everyone I'm planning to apply for the full time cohort at UM 2018-19 I will like to know if anyone also is applying to this cohort. Thank you
  13. rubberband

    University of Miami FNP Spring 2018

    Hello!!! I'm looking forward to apply to UM for the fall semester (part-time) FNP PROGRAM I've 3.85 Gpa and 2 years exp as Correctional Nurse and Community health, though I don't have any volunteer hours which scares me not to been accepted for that reason..so my question is what are the datelines? For 2018 part time cohort? . ANYWAYS HERE WE ALL ARE!!! We are going to do great!!!! Blessings ������������������ And stay positive.... pt-- I'm going to start following this threat!!
  14. rubberband

    UM fall 2018

    Hello everyone, is anyone applying for UM FNP for the fall 2018!!!?
  15. rubberband

    nclex in 3 days

    hello guys is anyone taking the nclex rn this week, and have anyone use prepU by Lww it is useful, does it helps !!!!
  16. rubberband

    how long does ATT takes

    hello guys Im new at this site, actually this is my first post, I just finished nursing school in February this year and applied the 3/1/2016 to the board of nursing in Florida and ivent received any feedback from them yet???? whats going on, does ATT takes that long to release a number or is actually what it normally it takes Pleaseeee helpppp me im so frustrated im ready to take the nclex but it seems forever