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  1. desiree502

    Memorial Hermann Nurse Residency Fall 2018

    Received a voicemail today asking if I was still interested in the graduate residency program for the ER at memorial hermann southeast. I declined the position because i got an offer with another hospital. Just wanna let everybody know that they are starting to call people. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Hi there, I took my Hesi to try to get in the Fall ADN pogram. My overall score was an 85. However I got a 70 on a reading subsection. my Gpa is 3.6. Did you get accepted or retake your Hesi?
  3. desiree502

    San Jacinto College Hesi A2 2016

    Hello, I just completed my Hesi a week ago and got an overall score of 85%. However, on one of the reading subsections about conclusions I scored a 70%. Im freaking out because I just read on the San Jacinto College ADN application we must score a 75% or higher in all sections and sub sections. Will I not even be considered for the program since I scored a 70 on a sub section? Does anyone know if there are any date still available to retest? Can I retest just for that section? My GPA is a 3.6. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

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