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  1. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    I think you'll be fine. Good thing about NYU is that they look at applications holistically. Don't let your hope down. I majored in biology then switched to health science. So I had all of the pre reqs completed
  2. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    I agree ankar22 see good signs on your way! It's just not an official acceptance.. They want to keep messing with your nerves. I do not have any pending. I agree.. I think they really look at those patient care contact. I think that plays a huge rol...
  3. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    I believe 150 to 200 students. That's a big class
  4. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    Received my decision in the 7th and fiananal aid on the 13th. I award was loans. Subsidized , unsubsidized, and parent plus. I think it will be different for everyone. My EFC was not 0.
  5. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    I think about 150- 200
  6. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    Congrat :-)
  7. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    So be hopeful...
  8. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    From the other forum someone got accepted
  9. ABSN NYU Fall 2016

    Congrats :-)
  10. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    The department is Nursing. They did the same to me . I got transferred everywhere. But be very specific. You just got admitted, you're a second degree. Try to call at 9am because that when they are coming in.. Let me know if don't reach them. I'll c...
  11. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    Sage 288, hopefully you'll receive it soon. For me nothing but a whole bunch of loans. I was thinking that they make be going by alphabetical order by last name. I don't know.. Just my guess. I don't think it would be random.
  12. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    @nem90, please check your inbox. I messaged you
  13. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    I just committed to NYU!! [emoji4]
  14. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    I'm actually on the computer putting in my deposit now. I didn't put in the deposit yet. I received it 11 :55 pm. Check your spam or junk
  15. NYU ABSN Fall 2016

    Hey guy! I received my financial aid award letter via email. Confusing I have questions.. Mine is just a whole bunch of loans: subsidized, unsubsidized and federal plus loan. I noticed that they charged me for 12 credits. The curriculum shows that ...