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  1. ladixee

    What are the chances..

    Thank you. Currently, taking CNA classes now.
  2. ladixee

    What are the chances..

    I am interested in being a labor and delivery nurse or a nurse-midwife. However, I'm 34 and never worked before (I have been living off of my inheritance). By the time I graduate from school, I will be near 40. What are my chances of getting a job with no prior working experience and being a new nurse at 40?
  3. ladixee

    Everest Institute

    Thank you for all of your responses. I decided not to attend Everest. So, I applied and was accepted into South University for their pre-nursing program. I am excited and nervous at the same time.
  4. ladixee

    Everest Institute

    Thanks for the heads up. My plan was to go to school to be a LPN, but I do not know any science and very little math. I will continue my search for the right school. Thanks again!
  5. ladixee

    Everest Institute

    Hello Everyone! I recently applied and was accepted into Everest Institute medical assistant program. My plan is to finished the MA program before I can move on to their licensed practical nursing program. What I would like to know if Everest has a good LPN program. Did any go to Everest?
  6. ladixee

    Michigan Nursing Schools

    Hello Everyone! I really want to go to school to be a nurse. However, I am having some trouble picking between schools in my area. What school would you recommend in Michigan?

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