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    Road to NMC Registration

    Don't give up Krisjoy. I can help you with your IELTS if you want. email me atjewel.cric@gmail.com. Email me the details of your score. Which area you have concern with. I'll be happy to help you achieve your goal.
  2. Nurses has been in shortlisted job since last year. Since then, they have been open their gate widely for overseas workers. Campaign for this already been started in here and in the Philippines. It is a great opportunity for those qualified nurses to apply. Filipinos has been a great help to health care industry in the UK. United Kingdom is the 2nd most largest destination of the Filipinos to work as a nurse. Every year rules of Immigration change in UK and this affects all aspects in Immigration and just recently affect the Language requirement to come to the UK. I will give some helpful info's to get you started Check you are qualified under the NMC rules. (Nursing and Midwifery Council UK) Make sure you got a year experience on nursing field. Getting IELTS for UKVI in Academic Category. Since the changed on the Language Requirements last year all Filipinos who wish to take IELTS upon registration must ensure that it is for UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) they are taking. The arrangement of the test and its components are same as the original IELTS, what's the difference is on the actual test day. The test centre is govern and accredited by UKVI and a verification of identification is to be done to make sure that the person taking the test and the person applied for the test are the same. Some Agency who cater processing for UK sometimes got an in-house review and REIMBURSEMENT of IELTS FEE, if you have meet the required IELTS band score, and that is a total average of 7 and at least 7 on all areas as required by the NMC. Look for agency who cater processing for UK and has job offers as this will help make things easy. Just remember they are accredited by POEA. Also just got to agencies who offer NO PLACEMENT FEE!!!! as employers here are hiring this agent and paying them to work for them on the processing of documents. Most of agencies in the Philippines who offer job for Nurses in the UK are connected with the Employers. Make sure the job offers are accredited by the POEA and the Employers are existing in the UK. Searching online before jumping to the opportunity would be essential as we know that ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT is also happening out there. I suggest to go to agents than applying directly to UK based employers as they will surely pass you on to the agency there in the Philippines. Make sure you get all your documents certified. That is why agency rule is very important in this matter as they will help and guide you through the processing. 3 MAIN BODIES involved for this to be successful APPLICANT - You should have the interest in working in UK. The passion in your field, the eagerness to comply all the necessary documents in time to lessen any delays. Must coordinate always with the Agent. Agent - The one who will do all the processing. Making sure you got all your documents required, updates you with the process and get you connected to the right employer. Your only way to UK Employers. Employer - The one who will offer you the job and pay for the Visa processing. Things Need to Know NMC (Nurses and Midwifery Council) IELTS for UKVI UKVI Tier 2 (General Visa) About UK
  3. I have sent you an email
  4. Pjewel

    NMC Test Online

    IELTS is the first thing you need to acquire before registering.
  5. Pjewel

    NMC Test Online

    Hi. did you have employer already joellethadine? Hope you meet the band score needed. good luck to your exam?
  6. Did the agency try to assess your experience? They should be able to help you with your concern or even give you information. email me at jewel.cric@gmail.com i'll be happy to help.
  7. Pjewel

    NMC Processing

    How long have you been working as a nurse at DOH? How was your application on the agency? Did you have IELTS yet? Email me at jewel.cric@gmail.com for your questions.
  8. Pjewel

    Road to NMC Registration

    Did you start your NMC application? And did you already have an employer here in UK?
  9. Pjewel

    NEW NMC guidelines- Test of Competence

    I think the test now cost £105
  10. Pjewel

    NMC Processing

    for Filipino nurses who wish to work in UK i suggest you look for agents who will help as this will make all things easy. Make sure they are offering NO PLACEMENT FEE. They will help for NMC processing and getting you connected with the employers. Make sure the job offer is existing