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  1. KUMC Starting 2019

    Well it looks like I havent met the minimum requirements to PM.
  2. KUMC Starting 2019

    Congratulations to everyone starting in May 2019! I am really excited to meet everyone. Does anyone know if there is a Facebook page setup? I am terrible with Facebook so if anyone starts a page post a link to join. Good luck to everyone still waitin...
  3. University of Minnesota CRNA

    I did mine in essay format because that was what the instructions said on the NursingCAS form. However, after I submitted my application, I noticed that the University admissions website said to number the responses. I hope it's not a big deal. Good ...
  4. KUMC Starting 2019

    Hello everyone, Anyone applying to the KUMC program starting 2019? I just submitted my application, fingers crossed. The email I got said we should be notified for interviews by September, and they are held October 16th-19th. Good luck to everyone a...
  5. CPNE Workshops

    Tina is back up and running. I did her online and in person workshop and passed recently in Queens with no repeats. Here are her websites. Good luck CPNE workshop Click4Course