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belll's Latest Activity

  1. belll

    Houston Methodist residency summer 17

    I applied as well!
  2. belll

    Dallas Children's nurse residency July 2017

    For Children's Medical Center - Dallas? If so, I applied!
  3. belll

    Lurie Children's New Grad Residency March 2017

    Good luck! I will be applying for the October cohort!
  4. belll

    Cook Children's Cohort July 2017

    Oh wow congrats!! I'm still working on this essay but I'll be applying for the critical care track, how about you? Also, are you from the Dallas area?
  5. belll

    Cook Children's Cohort July 2017

    I have officially made the decision to apply, so I'll be getting my application ready to submit!
  6. Hi all, I noticed there wasn't a thread for this years USML/BJC Nurse Externship so I wanted to start one. I applied to the program and was hoping to meet others who applied to the program as well! Does anyone know the timeline of when we will start hearing back? I'm really excited about this opportunity!