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  1. Just looking for ballpark ranges here. Thanks!
  2. Anyone know of any good ones? Much thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, just wondering your thoughts on this? Would it be something like Indeed or monster or some other platform? Thanks!
  4. Please help! Been out of work for some time and need a refresher! Thanks!
  5. vishnu10003

    Looking for IV insertion refresher classes in NYC

  6. Need a little refresher as I have had .to take some time off. Anyone know of anything like this? thanks!
  7. Something to refer to in a pinch. A nursing reference sidekick thanks!
  8. vishnu10003

    Been out of work for 8 months now, have a question

    Thanks for the suggestions. I was a physical rehabilitation nurse for my 2 years of employment. Being out these 8 months a lot has happened in my life and I feel like Ive lost a lot of crucial information I learned in nursing school. I eventually wanted to go into an acute care setting and If I were to try and transition into that now I feel like I would be a deer in headlights. So in terms of literature, are there any condensed med surg books geared towards this goal?
  9. Hey everyone. So I've only been an ADN trained nurse now for 2 years. I recently have been out of work now for 8 months due to personal and family reasons. Being out this long, I really feel like I've been out of the flow long enough to where I feel rather disconnected from engrained habits and crucial knowledge/skills. are there any recommendations on reading material I can use which offers a condensed review of nursing essentials? Much thanks!
  10. Hi everyone. Am considering transferring into WGU rn-bsn but have heard they are pass/fail (3.0 GPA) across the board. Would this create problems getting into FNP programs? Any WGU grads have any problems in this regard? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I meant BSN nursing credits. All places I have checked said essentially that they would not accept these nursing credits (the one's specific to a school) although they always recommend submitting just to be sure. I haven't done that yet as Im thinking it would most likely be effort in vain. Still wondering if anyone has personally been able to transfer these nursing specific BSN credits or if they know someone who has?
  12. Hey everyone. Im currently enrolled in an online rn to bsn program but am thinking the school is not the best fit for me. Unfortunately, I have already started into and finished some of their core BSN credits. Does anyone know of any online programs that accept core BSN credits from other schools? Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone, brand new here to all nurses. So I recently got my ADN and am working currently. I am currently enrolled @ SUNY Delhi for my RN to BSN. The issue with SUNY Delhi, which is a common theme among others I've spoken to, is that it is VERY work intensive, a lot more so than others in the NY area, and I have experienced this thus far. It also takes the full on 2 years and there is no way around that. The reason I chose Delhi is because it was very affordable and there were no known problems with accreditation (which I found at some other colleges like *cough* chamberlain). Problem is, I mightve chosen Delhi too fast, as a lot of nursing friends are telling me their programs are not bad at all, and most will finish sooner then myself, and they are not stressed out by the workload. I thoroughly busted my butt getting my ADN and it seems unnecesary to put myself through that again for my BSN. Problem is, the 2 schools Mercy college and ramapo college, that my friends go to, are traditional semester setups so at the end of the day if I did transfer, it would be a waste of time as I would start in the fall. My question: Does anyone know of any ***reputable*** RN-BSN programs in the NY area, or online programs anywhere in the country, that are setup in the 7 week module (this is how Delhi is setup) type system?? I would need this to be the case so I could transfer without it being a complete waste of time. Thanks in advance guys and gals!