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  1. Strengthen CRNA school chances.

    Consider retaking the GRE, a 305/4 is an okay score (ballpark 50th percentile). With your lower undergraduate GPA you need a few thing demonstrating that you've changed your study habits and are willing to put in some serious study time. https://...
  2. Pros and cons of specific CRNA Schools

    There is a ton of variation between programs and clinical sites, I'd ask for average number of lines, blocks, etc that the program's students average. Are the clinical sites strict medical direction, CRNA only sites, etc?
  3. Business of anesthesia

    Absolutely agree with the comments above. You do not need an MBA to set up a business, I just recently set up a business (first one) in my state and it took less than 1 hour for the basic stuff. Find a good CPA, tax attorney, etc to make sure you a...
  4. Going through CRNA school with young children

    Speaking as a husband, it was doable. We started with 2 young children and had our third while I was in CRNA school. Many of my classmates also had young children. However, your spouse and support system will make or break you. Your spouse/suppor...
  5. How good was your Florida CRNA program?

    I went to Barry University in the Master's program and had a good experience. Clinically I felt very prepared coming out and felt pretty comfortable as a new grad. I went straight into a fairly autonomous practice with docs and CRNAs each doing the...
  6. Anesthesia Tech vs CNA in the ICU

    Places I've been, the anesthesia techs mostly stock and help get stuff ready between cases, which while very helpful to us, gives limited exposure to actual administration of anesthesia. There is the occasional exception where anesthesia techs set up...
  7. Knicked et tube balloon tube while shaving

    It wasn't your question, but for future reference they do make an ETT pilot ballon repair kit that could be used if the patient was a very difficult intubation or exchange is undesirable for some reason.
  8. PICU RN TO crna? anyone?

    I was not a PICU/NICU RN prior to becoming a CRNA, but according to the NBCRNA a little less than 5% of people (123 out of 2,548) getting ready to take NCE listed NICU/PICU as their background. It's not the majority of applicants but certainly can ...
  9. Considering CRNA - what should I do to prepare?

  10. Was CRNA worth it all?

    Absolutely, it was worth it!! The program/training itself absolutely sucked and if you are married your spouse needs to be 100% committed to the process as well. I have tons of autonomy where I'm at and I honestly enjoy it way more then I did workin...
  11. Paying off student loans

    Learn how to tell yourself NO! I realize that each geographic location has various challenges (high housing cost,etc), but in the end it's simple math. There's the obvious stuff like working extra shifts and things like that, but what good is it if...
  12. Two New Indiana CRNA schools!!!

    Both are DNP programs.
  13. Two New Indiana CRNA schools!!!

    Just a heads up to everyone, there are actually two CRNA programs opening in the state of Indiana. Marian University (Indianapolis) and University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne). Both are still being accredited by various credentialing bodies but plan...
  14. WGU and CRNA

    They didn't really say anything but I didn't ask either. My GRE was fairly strong though with 322 combined. I'm sure it will vary greatly by the program if they care or not.
  15. WGU and CRNA

    I was accepted into the CRNA program at Barry University. It was the program I wanted and the only program I applied to.