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I've done a little bit of this and that...home health, hospital, nursing home, and now school nursing.

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  1. jesserpie

    switching from district to contract?

    I believe it would be through an agency. The nurse at the high school was a contract nurse and said she got paid a lot more-that she would never be a district employee. The school is desperate for nurses now, and there won't be any in the small town after I leave in December. I'm wondering if I could keep my job, but make more money not working for the district.
  2. jesserpie

    switching from district to contract?

    I heard "contract nurses" make way more money. Does anyone know about this? I wonder if I could re-apply as a contract nurse.
  3. jesserpie

    Does the school owe me?

    I have put in my letter of resignation at my school. After I quit, do they owe me the rest of my money(that they hold for summer) for the days I've already worked this year? I think they should...
  4. jesserpie

    School Nurse is a Lonely job

    This is what I thought! I wasted my whole summer cooking, cleaning, etc. Make sure you make time to enjoy it! Plus, I was too broke by the end of the summer to DO anything fun.
  5. jesserpie

    allready ready to quit?

    I am procrastinating on turning in my resignation letter.....I just can't afford to stay in this position$$. I hate to leave, though, because of the hours and time off!
  6. jesserpie

    allready ready to quit?

    Throwing myself a pity party today:cry:....nurse supervisor called first thing this morning and ruined my day. The same person that was resistant to me starting a project is now upset I didn't do it after not answering any of my emails for weeks. I do not have the support I was expecting for this project, so I canned it. I feel like I have no one in my corner.....No support from admin, other health staff, etc. To the teachers and students, I am "nurse." I am left out of all the fun stuff they do for the staff, like gift exchanges for Christmas last year( I was at a nurse meeting when they discussed it, apparently.) All kinds of teacher appreciation, boss day, secretary day, but no nurse day....They had my birthday party last year when I wasn't even there. (They combine the ones for the month). There is no nurse at the high school this year, so I split my day between the two schools. I am also in charge of supervising the other 3 schools, so 5 total! About 3,000 kids they want health plans for, vision and hearing, etc. Twice they have called me from another school while at a 504 meeting to come change diapers at my school because "no one" else can help! I don't know how any of their children survived, since apparently it takes a college degree to change a diaper. I've been really stressed because the pay is WAY worse than I thought. This is the easiest job I've ever had, with a great schedule. But I've just about had it. This school went through three nurses in the year before I started-now I know why! I REALLY miss my coworkers at my old job, cause even when it stunk, someone acted like they understood. I wish I could find another job with this kind of schedule. I loved night shift, but someone has to be home with the kids at night, and my husband works an alternating schedule. Sorry for the rant, but I spent the last half-hour crying and thinking about going home "sick". Of course, who would change the diapers then?!
  7. jesserpie

    What do you wear to work as a school nurse?

    I was asked when I started to wear scrubs at least half the first year so that the staff and students would know I was the nurse. I wear pretty much whatever I want, dressing up when I have time and wearing scrubs and a messy bun the other four days a week. I have been wearing my scrub pants with other shirts lately to mix it up. I refuse to wear heels and don't think I could get away with flip flops.
  8. jesserpie

    Most off the wall complaint

    Sooo...I've had the same student come to me twice this week because his nose hurt. He has a small pimple. Yes, he is special Ed. Boy tells me "it looks like I've been looking at the sun, but I haven't"- figured out he was having a migraine. A girl came in today "frieking out" because she didn't know what flavor of skittle her friend gave her. Wanted me to send her to the hospital because she can't breath(don't you love that one), and is going to die. Same girl is upset we won't let her use the elevator due to the foot she broke on the second day of school jumping down the stairs that no longer requires crutches or a brace. Got called out of a meeting at another school to come change a diaper for a sped student:mad: I am the only nurse for 5 schools and there is not even a health aide at the high school right now, like I have time to drop everything and change diapers....
  9. jesserpie

    at my limit

    Just exhausted....No nurse at the high school next door and No other nurse in our small town. So I take care of my school(the middle school), the high school, and supervise a preschool, and two elementary schools. The closest other nurse is miles away in another small town. It wasn't like this last year. There was a nurse at the high school that supervised two of the other schools. On top of this, I'm getting pulled into having to help change diapers of students at the high school and middle school on top of cathing a student at the middle school twice a day! I do not feel that changing diapers is a nursing issue. I'm not getting a lunch or even bathroom breaks at this point and am about ready to quit. I'm so far behind in everything at work and have been a month behind on my mortgage all summer. I just don't know if I can go back to the horrible schedule I had before..... I hope this is a temporary issue and they hire someone quick! Just had to vent to someone..This is what happens when you don't get your coffee in the morning:confused:
  10. jesserpie

    Hot dogs and ramen,summer budget

    Wow...thanks for the few helpful ideas and I will not be responding to the comments about my marriage, thanks:no:
  11. jesserpie

    Hot dogs and ramen,summer budget

    I'm more of a tequila drinker myself....I don't mess around!
  12. jesserpie

    Hot dogs and ramen,summer budget

    All summer checks in June, then nothing until two weeks after school starts.
  13. jesserpie

    Hot dogs and ramen,summer budget

    This is my first summer off as a school nurse. Any tips on budgeting for the summer? Think I'll have to hide most of that money from my husband because he will think he needs to spend it! If there is x amount in the bank, he thinks that is x amount to spend. Doesn't think about bills, groceries, etc.
  14. jesserpie


    There is a template on word that I used for mine this year, you can search for and add pictures, etc.
  15. jesserpie

    Mr.Pubes the excessive hair patient

    If that were me, I would feel utterly violated. I would raise heck. AMEN Think about this, what if it were someone underage? What if it was your teenage daughter? Would that change your opinion of the matter??