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kenya.austin has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. kenya.austin

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    If you can make the open house that they schedule, I think that is quite important! Watch the website for the announcement or check their Facebook for the dates.
  2. kenya.austin

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    I got selected for Medsurg at Dell Seton medical center for the Fall!! I'm so excited, I keep checking my application status and my offer letter to see if it's all still there. LOL
  3. kenya.austin


    I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were posting about Encompass Home Health. I had an interview for their Rehab hospital in Round Rock. My apologies. I may have to look into the Home Health side though since I do have HH experience from when I was an LVN.
  4. kenya.austin


    Hello, I was wondering about them too. Just had an interview for an RN position and have a 2nd interview coming up. I was worried about the 1:9 ratio.
  5. kenya.austin

    Houston Residencies Fall 2019!!!

    I was wondering the same thing. I haven't heard anything. I completed the Graduate Nurse Profile Registration 6/4/2019 online as instructed but never heard anything else.
  6. kenya.austin

    Houston Residencies Fall 2019!!!

    I just completed an application for CHI St. Luke's yesterday. Should I just have a generic letter of reference ready for if and when they ask? I asked 2 of my instructors to write one but didn't have any other details so one says she will wait for more information before writing it but I don't want to put a rush on her when I need it
  7. kenya.austin

    St. David's RN residency summer 2019 cohort

    I applied for Round Rock summer cohort and got rejected.
  8. kenya.austin

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    I did not get selected for the cardio position at williamson, still "under review" for med surg williamson and ED at Hayes. Waiting patiently. I just wish I knew why I did't get selected.
  9. kenya.austin

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    AWESOME! Congrats! How long do you think my status will show "under review?" How long did it take for them to contact you for an interview?
  10. kenya.austin

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    I changed my mind about waiting for the fall cohort at the last minute and applied for a couple of residency positions at the Williamson location (Cardio & Med Surg) on 3/27 & 4/8 respectively. I just hope to get something. I also applied for ED at the Hayes location in Kyle (on 2/17)but wanted to renege after my husband decided we like the Round Rock area better. I couldn't figure out how to cancel the application. All three just went into currently in an "under review" status a couple of days ago. I thought I was too late for the summer cohort. I hate I missed the meet & greet event in Feb. We will see what happens. I got my ADN last May but immediately started on my BSN so I haven't worked yet. A residency program would really give me the confidence I need to be a successful RN.
  11. kenya.austin

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    Ok, thanks calcgirl314! I thought it would be rather proactive but then I was thinking they may not have anything to discuss with me since I can't start until the Fall. Makes sense.
  12. kenya.austin

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    Hello, I'm interested in the October/Fall cohort. Should I attend the February 22 open house? Or do you think that would be waste of their time and mine? I am wondering if I would even be able to speak with anyone about the Fall. My problem is that I am very interested but I will be done with my BSN program at the end of July and I have a family. The earlier I can get a job lined up, the easier it will be to line up housing and get the kids set up for school since we have to relocate from out of town.
  13. kenya.austin

    Tulane University Medical Center Nurse Residency Program

    Osiria, what did you decide?
  14. kenya.austin

    Tulane Medical Center Review for new grad

    wangja80, have you heard anything from Osiria? I just found this program and am interested in applying, but I would be relocating from out of state. How did your interview go?
  15. kenya.austin

    Oakbend Medical center Graduate nurse intern

    Hello, did you ever receive any info on Oakbend? I'm thinking about applying. Thank you!
  16. kenya.austin

    Graduate Nurse Residency, Houston-Katy area

    Hello, I know this was posted a while ago. Just wondering where you started working? I am looking to apply to Oakbend Med Center or somewhere in the Katy/Sugar Land area.

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