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  1. Rancocas

    12 Healthy Workplace Habits for the Busy Nurse

    Be rested before going to work. Working too many hours will not be accepted as an excuse when you make a mistake at work.
  2. Rancocas

    Annoyed by commercial

    I remember when LPN's were being phased out with ADN's.
  3. Rancocas

    Annoyed by commercial

    "Let nurses decide on staffing." That is the stupidest pitch I ever heard, and the public won't buy it.
  4. Rancocas

    The overwhelming stress of nursing school

    Nursing care plans are a waste of time. Half the interventions are never implemented.
  5. Rancocas

    Nursing sucks

    The staffing grids are inadequate. Hospitals refuse to call a staffing agency instead make the nurse manager take a cart. They should be punished. Only got worse under Obamacare. All direct care being done by Lpn's, and RN's are forced to be managers and everything else. Too much work. Takes months to find a job. Millions of foreign nurses. They get beat up.by patients and don't complain, setting up.all nurses. Many healthcare settings with ZERO white staff. Where is the government? Cheap nursing home owners refusing to turn on the ac during a heat wave.