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  1. NovaFNP2021

    Preparing for Clinicals

    Thank you for the advice!
  2. NovaFNP2021

    Preparing for Clinicals

    I know this topic has been beaten to a pulp, but I wanted to know if you lovely APNs would recommend a primary care practice guideline book I can look over before I begin my FNP clinicals. Thank you in advance!
  3. NovaFNP2021

    Thomas Jefferson University?

    I've heard people going to Jeff having a good experience and know some that hold great positions as an NP. I think you do have to find your own clinicals, though. I go to Villanova now because it's cheaper for me. There are a lot of factors that play into this big decision!
  4. NovaFNP2021

    Are we intervening too much?

    I think you said it very well. Too many choices lead to passive patients.
  5. NovaFNP2021

    Are we intervening too much?

    She's in her early 70's now. The exact details of it all I'm not caught up on. I think many are alive because of intuitive providers, and in some cases, technology as well. Even personally, I was telling my MIL I had to go for a gestational diabetes test and the same comment came out: "the doctors intervene too much." I then, of course, had to comment again explaining that diet, health, and family obligations are different than 50 years ago and explain the rise of diabetes during pregnancy that led to routine screening. But even so, she's correct, and as you said ultrasound was not invented in the earlier years.
  6. NovaFNP2021

    Are we intervening too much?

    I'm currently an FNP student and as I'm progressing into my program, gaining that provider mentality, a conversation with my mother-in-law got me thinking... She was telling me a few stories how her older relatives hardly received treatment for things; going to the doctor meant you had something beyond what a little salve could take care of (or, for fans of my My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a little Windex). I'm sure we've all encountered those people that say "ehhhh I'll just wait it out I'm not running to the doctor for every little thing" and they actually turn out to be fine. One story in particular really got me thinking: an aunt of hers was born 8 weeks early in her home at a mere 4lbs. She was not in the NICU for weeks or hooked up to machines. I'm sure there was some intervention, but nothing compared to protocols we have today. Her aunt is completely fine. I responded to my MIL by saying that there are individuals who do not survive and cannot live with some ailments like they can today. Such situations led to research and treatment development that make it possible to overcome sickness and live with disease. But I couldn't help but still ask myself the question: are we really intervening too much? Of course there are evidence based practices, but is the million dollar workup really implemented because of money or is it more to cover our butts, even for minor things? If you are presented with something minor, how much do you really intervene? Is there middle ground? Sincerely, A curious FNP student.
  7. NovaFNP2021

    upenn pnp 1st semester classes?

    Hey there! I'm applying for Fall 2018 program. Was wondering if you could give any insight? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello everyone. I'm in an online LPN to BSN program with Indiana State University currently living in New Jersey. I'm having a hard time securing a clinical site for my Med/Surg and Mental Health rotation. It's my responsibility to find a preceptor for me to shadow and a facility willing to have a contract with ISU. My previous site recently fell through so now I'm scrambling as clinical starts in a few weeks. Anyone in NJ that can guide me? I've contacted the school as well as other sites but I'm trying to reach out to everyone and anyone I can. Thank you for the help!
  9. NovaFNP2021

    ISU LPN-BSN Fall 2016

    Anyone applying to the ISU LPN-BSN program this Fall?
  10. NovaFNP2021

    ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    Thank you for sharing!