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  1. virtual ATI

    Thank you so much for replying. I signed up with ATI this week, wish me luck.
  2. virtual ATI

    Hello everyone. has anyone used virtual ATI to prep for the NCLEX-RN? I have taken the NCLEX-RN two times and was not successful. Someone told me that virtual ATI is good, can you guys tell me what you think. I am also open to hear what materials y...
  3. exit pn exam

    @nursemarsh32 , thanks for replying, yeah all they advice us it to the the ati practice test . I hope it helps coz am very nervous
  4. exit pn exam

    It is ati
  5. exit pn exam

    Hello, I WILL Be Taking My proctored exit exam in 2 months however am very nervous, any advice?